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đź’¬ Hey Siri, make my coffee!

Introducing TopBrewerVoice. Touchless coffee with voice control.

We have taken our touchless coffee experience to a whole new level with the launch of TopBrewerVoice - a Siri enabled shortcut that allows you to seamlessly order your favourite premium coffee using just your voice.


World's first

TopBrewer is the world’s first voice-controlled coffee machine. Enabled through Siri for iPhone, AppleWatch and AirPod devices, there has never been a more seamless and contactless way to order your favourite coffee.

Using the TopBrewer app simply activate your favourite drinks once by clicking on the Siri icon. From there you can create personalised voice commands for all your favourite drinks to enjoy again and again using just your voice.

Siri Shortcuts

Siri Shortcuts

Another smart feature now enabled for TopBrewer App is Siri Shortcuts which gives you endless possibilities for personalisation.

You can now save your favourite drinks to Siri Shortcuts for one-click brewing via your own personal device. Add additional commands to the shortcut with eg logging to your health app, connecting with your team or read news while your coffee is brewing. 

Touchless Coffee Solution

The original touchless coffee machine

TopBrewer’s world-leading touchless coffee technology is the safest and most hygienic way to enjoy premium, barista-quality coffee in offices, hotels, cafes and other shared spaces - 100% touch-free.

Show employees and customers that you value their safety and wellbeing with touchless technology they will love. With the inherent need to avoid the spread of viruses and bacteria, touchless coffee by TopBrewer enables you to deliver a reassuring and secure environment your staff, clients and guests will thank you for.

We developed TopBrewer as the world’s first touchless app-controlled coffee experience almost 10 years ago, and since then we have taken the contactless user experience to a whole new level.  With revolutionary app-control and all NEW TopBrewerVoice, you can enjoy your favourite hot and chilled beverages without the need to touch shared surfaces or buttons for the most hygienic and personalised coffee user experience available today.

TopBrewer App

Touchless coffee in your hands

The TopBrewer app allows you to enjoy barista-quality coffee in a safe, hygienic and convenient way, giving you touch-free access to a wide menu of premium hot and chilled beverages at your fingertips. 

Free Download

The TopBrewer app is free to download on iOS and Android devices and is a completely contactless way to select your coffee and other beverages.

Easy Connect

With low-energy Bluetooth connection you don’t need to rely on WiFi. Simply connect to an available machine and brew a premium, barista-quality coffee in seconds.


Customise your coffee by adjusting espresso, milk foam and number of cups. Choose from two coffee and milk options for an even more personalised user experience. Once you have perfected your coffee recipe you can save your favourites to enjoy again and again.

Make Favourite

Now it's not only your personalised coffee you can save as a favourite in the app. A new feature gives you the ability to save your favourite TopBrewer machine for use with Siri and Shortcuts. Perfect for busy offices with multiple coffee points.

It's Coffee Time !

You can make your coffee touch-free with TopBrewer and AppleWatch. AppleWatch prompts you when you are within Bluetooth range of a TopBrewer machine.

Set up your favourite drink as QuickBrew for seamless one-touch brewing on your AppleWatch home screen.

Investing in the future

The world’s first touchless coffee eco-system

With our digitally-driven, IoT platform for coffee machines, we combine hardware, software and cloud technology to rapidly deploy new features and updates to our existing clients remotely over the air, making TopBrewer the most dynamic, and highly sustainable, premium coffee experience in the world, and perhaps beyond. The TopBrewer platform is constantly evolving and improving, in complete contrast to conventional coffee machines that depreciate and degrade over time. Our approach allows you to de-risk your investment as you can be confident it will outperform and outlast conventional alternatives - without worrying that you will have to invest again in a short period of time to catch up with the latest features.
TopBrewer CoffeeCloud

Work smarter with CoffeeCloud

We understand that keeping your coffee machines operational and reducing downtime is important to you. Viruses and bacteria present new challenges for reducing surface contact and implementing social distancing for the increased safety of your employees and guests.

Explore CoffeeCloud

Overview from distance

With CoffeeCloud, powered by TopBrewer, not only are we able to deliver new digital features and updates over the air, it also enables real-time fleet management, remote diagnostics for technical support and provides you with live data and push notifications to help you remotely manage the best possible coffee experience for your business - touch-free.

Get notifications

Using CoffeeCloud, you can avoid operational staff making multiple trips to the coffee machine throughout the day to ensure that the coffee beans are full, the machine is clean and the coffee grounds are empty. CoffeeCloud enables handy alerts to remind you when certain tasks need attending to. No need to check if your coffee beans need filling, simply get a notification when they are running low. This smart, proactive approach reduces staff contact with equipment, minimises disruption for users and is a much more efficient way to manage your coffee fleet.


Revolutionary pro-active service for coffee machines.

BaristaDJ goes well beyond the current capabilities of CoffeeCloud and will deliver tools that will provide for pro-active remote intervention - in real time. This exciting leap forward will allow our technicians to remotely connect with your TopBrewer machines and make interventions to adjust parameters within the system, control components and rapidly diagnose and fix problems in a fraction of the time it would take to get a technician to site.

This not only enhances the experience of the product, its uptime and reliability - it provides a world of possibilities in the future to review how these services are managed.

Trust TopBrewer to deliver a premium, connected and touchless coffee experience on all levels.

Let’s get touchless together