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A coffee experience that you will never forget.

Designed to meet the needs of today's coffee enthusiast, the TopBrewer will seamlessly integrate into any environment to deliver a variety of drinks with an incredible taste & quality, at the touch of the TopBrewer app. Explore a typical day with the TopBrewer…

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We have created a revolutionary way to brew a cup of coffee. We designed TopBrewer to deliver premium coffee quality beyond a barista with a new innovative & instinctive user experience that is seamlessly integrated into any environment. Introducing an App to the coffee world gave us the freedom to create something different - to make our dreams become reality. Enjoy it while working, relaxing or anything in between.

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Customize their drink

Internet of Coffee
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CoffeeCloud is the worlds most advanced IoT cloud management system for coffee machines, with state-of-the-art realtime data to enhance your coffee business.

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With notifications you can trigger to send an email when certain events occurs. Create your own business rules, and become pro-active within your organisation.


CoffeeCloud is truly a realtime system. We engineered it this way from the beginning. This means, that data get’s pushed out lightning fast within a second, and you will be aware of situations whilst they occur.


With insights you are essentially using CoffeeCloud's own business intelligence tool to get the specific data you need. Want to know when a certain situation occurred? Insights got you covered.

Secure data

CoffeeCloud is secure and uses latest encryption and certification standards. We take data security very seriously. Read more in our privacy policy.


Let your mind explore

We have turned coffee machine design on its head to focus on the customer experience and the beautiful aesthetics of specialty coffee brewing. Discover the next-generation connected coffee experience. With TopBrewer we bring you an unrivalled choice of specialty drinks, unlimited freedom to design, and cutting-edge technology - all in one neat stylish package.

Easy to use

Select and customise drinks with the TopBrewer app. Its super intuitive.

Customer Friendly

Designed with the customer in mind, TopBrewer is fun and interactive.

Clever Features

Cutting-edge technology at your fingertips. IoT, iBeacon, mobile payment and more.

Press & Awards

Award winning design

We are proud to have a recognised product like the TopBrewer. Having won design awards & had a press journey around the world - we pride ourselves in having a unique, minimalistic and high quality coffee brewer which fits into any space.



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