Minimum Footprint. Maximum Reassurance.

A Reassuring Coffee Experience
your staff & guests
will thank you for.

Designed for remote smartphone use and to reduce shared contact points, TopBrewer provides a responsible, touch-free and reassuring premium coffee experience to meet the needs of today's architects, designers and coffee enthusiasts, operating in a safe and hygienic environment. Scanomat has reimagined the traditional bean-to-cup coffee machine to bring you the world’s most advanced coffee system available today, with its innovative under-counter design, stylish swan-neck tap, app-control technology and cloud remote management system.  We work closely with architects and corporate clients who recognise TopBrewer as a cutting-edge coffee machine that is built to last, delivering market-leading coffee experiences that are smart, energy-efficient and always up to date. At the start of each day, simply refill the coffee beans and fresh milk and the TopBrewer is ready to go in just 45 seconds from standby.

A Tap & an App: Touchless brewing made easy.

With the free TopBrewer app, consumers can 'be the barista' and customise their coffee exactly how they like it. With remote smartphone use, the TopBrewer app creates a safe and reassuring experience. We designed TopBrewer to deliver premium coffee quality beyond a barista with a new, innovative and instinctive user experience that is seamlessly integrated into any environment. For the first time users can customise their coffee just the way they like it and save their favourite drinks with the smartphone app.



3 Cups

made every second

Every 2nd

Customise their drink

So much choice from a single tap.

Up to 350 drinks per day (Pro model)


Full barista coffee menu


Customise your drink

Steamed hot water (Pro model)

Luxury hot chocolate

Filtered still & sparkling water

2 types of coffee bean (Pro model)

2 types of milk, including dairy-free

Minimal Footprint. Maximum Reassurance.

From a single, stylish swan-neck tap our clients enjoy a wide menu of specialty coffee, fresh milk, steaming hot water, chocolate and chilled still or sparkling water. By combining multiple drinks systems into a single modular unit, there is no need for a separate hot and cold water tap as TopBrewer does it all. The high-performance TopBrewer can deliver a super-fast beverage without compromising on quality making it the perfect choice for busy areas, with capacity of 350-400 drinks per day.

  • 95% of the TopBrewer unit is not visible, under the counter and therefore takes up minimal space, with almost no noise and reduces touch points
  • Its sleek swan-next is adjustable in height and rotation and comes in a range of finishes, which means it can be adapted to any design and layout
  • Temperatures are monitored and maintained electronically
  • The fresh milk lines are automatically cleaned after each drink is dispensed, which ensures drink integrity and minimises the use of cleaning chemicals.

Make TopBrewer your own.

With our bespoke TopBrewer finishes

TopBrewer’s sleek and stylish swan neck tap is made from stainless steel, allowing it to be worked into any space to add a ‘wow’ factor without detracting from the overall design. But sometimes, TopBrewer should take centre stage. Which is why the stylish swan neck tap, grill and iPad holder come in a variety of colours and finishes, meaning you can find the perfect TopBrewer to match your space.


Enjoy a perfect cup of coffee.

At the perfect temperature

The incorrect water temperature can have a big impact on your coffee. Too hot and you risk over-extraction and a bitter taste, but too cold risks a weak and tasteless drink. The perfect water temperature is between 92-96º Celsius. This leads to all of the important sugars and aromatic oils from the coffee being extracted without being burnt.

The TopBrewer swan neck is insulated throughout, which means that the temperature will be maintained as your drink is being brewed and poured, ensuring the perfect end result.

World’s smallest milk foamer.

Even the smallest part can create something big

Milk foam is essential in creating a foamy cappuccino or creamy latte. TopBrewer’s milk foamer is the smallest in the world, and sits in the tip of the iconic TopBrewer swan neck tap. The patented system gives the perfect temperature and foam texture for each drink.

Fresh, cold milk is pumped to the tip of the TopBrewer swan neck, where hot steam meets it to create the perfect foam for every drink.

Flash-Heater Technology.

Saving energy and money

The water used in each TopBrewer drink is freshly filtered and flash-heated. Water makes up the majority of a cup of coffee, so its importance should not be overlooked. Conventional bean-to-cup coffee machines have a water tank that keeps the water consistently at a high temperature. Not only does this process result in the loss of minerals in the water that are vital to producing a great tasting coffee, it can also be costly due to the required annual boiler inspection and higher energy usage. By flash-heating water on demand for each and every TopBrewer drink, it means these important minerals are preserved and the taste is not affected, as well as saving money and energy compared to a conventional water boiler.

Automatic Cleaning.

Making life easier

The iconic TopBrewer swan neck tap is flushed through with fresh water after each drink, cleaning any residue from the milk and coffee lines, shortening the daily cleaning routine and minimising the use of chemicals. The automatic cleaning is almost silent and means that the daily clean takes just a few minutes.

CoffeeCloud: Remote system management

CoffeeCloud gives you an advanced digital overview of your coffee business that you can access remotely. Discover realtime data, coffee trends and operational insights to maximise your coffee experience across an entire fleet. Connecting to CoffeeCloud enables smarter, faster, pro-active service to minimise downtime and keep you in control.

CoffeeCloud coffee system data management

Monitor: With CoffeeCloud you can set up notifications to improve operational efficiences. Get alerts for daily cleaning, filling coffee beans and more, for an ultra-smart, pro-active coffee business.

Manage: Get the most up to date data in lightning fast realtime, within a second, so that you can minimise downtime and deal with operational issues as soon as they occur.

Trends: CoffeeCloud's business intelligence tool gets the specific data you need. Capitalise on key trends such as most popular drinks and peak times to maximise sales and performance.

Security: We take data security very seriously. CoffeeCloud is extremely secure and uses latest encryption and certification standards. Read more in our privacy policy

Contactless Payment.

Contactless payment is now enabled for TopBrewer, for payment by credit card or phone through ApplePay and GooglePay. Providing a first-class premium, speciality beverage experience that is completely self-service and economically viable has never been simpler with processing payments securely over the internet.  Users can select, personalise, and now pay for their coffee using the TopBrewer app.

TopBrewer and the environment

Meet your CSR Goals.

A future-proof asset, such as TopBrewer, is a sure way to ensure you are reducing your carbon footprint and focussing on providing a sustainable solution to your team.  TopBrewer has been developed to be highly energy efficient and uses up to 90 per cent less energy in the idle state than most bean-to-cup coffee machines.  Manufactured from recycled steel, TopBrewer saves energy with flash-heater technology, a power-saving mode and a cleaning cycle that removes the need for harsh chemicals.

Freedom to design the perfect space.

The TopBrewer will seamlessly integrate into any environment to deliver a variety of premium drinks, with an incredible taste & quality, at the touch of the TopBrewer app. 

Our aesthetically stunning coffee machines with app-control technology are designed to become a centrepiece and ‘wow’ factor in your space. For the first time a coffee machine can become a focal point of design and built into any counter. Whether that’s within an island setting, hidden behind a wall or in a standalone unit. The possibilities are endless and our in-house team of creative experts are happy to advise you to maximise the potential of your space. 

“The central position of the TopBrewer has worked really well as a focal point in the space and it has been instrumental in encouraging different departments to interact more frequently with each other, which is a great result!” - Stuart Jefferson, Designer at Office Principles.

What our customers say . . .

TopBrewer survey
TopBrewer survey
TopBrewer survey

The results from a recent workplace survey of TopBrewer users* suggests that 9 out of 10 employees would like to see more TopBrewers installed in their workplace to replace alternative coffee machines.  Personalisation is a key trend and 73% of users found it a positive feature that they could take control of their own coffee experience by customising drinks, effectively becoming their own barista. A great feature of the smartphone app (available on iOS and Android) is that users can save their favourite drinks without having to remember their ideal settings each time.

TopBrewer coffee range

Ethically sourced specialty coffee.

Our coffee range is roasted to perfection by AMOKKA Coffee Roasters to ensure the best quality when brewed by the TopBrewer.  Sustainable sourcing and trading is key to our partnership with coffee farmers around the world, supporting coffee projects in Brazil, Nicaragua, Nepal and Ethiopia with our Impact Trade movement.


Great Design. Simple to implement

With amazing flexibility, stunning design, and freshly brewed coffee on tap, the TopBrewer creates an office coffee experience like no other.

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Hotels. Restaurants.

With its clean lines and minimal design, the award-winning TopBrewer provides a smart, stylish solution for hotels and conference venues.

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The connected cafe experience.

Space-saving design, barista quality coffee, personalised drinks, mobile payment options and much, much more… all from a single stylish tap.

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Easy to use

Select and customise drinks with the TopBrewer app. Its super intuitive.

Customer Friendly

Designed with the customer in mind, TopBrewer is fun and interactive.

Smart Features

Cutting-edge technology at your fingertips. IoT, iBeacon, mobile payment and more.

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