Coronavirus Statement : Scanomat UK & I | TopBrewer

Like all businesses we are monitoring the situation very closely and following all government advice in order to safeguard our staff, our customers and your staff. As a relatively small company, we are focussed on the immediate practical considerations and are therefore not going to be able to respond separately to individual requests or questionnaires.

This is a fluid situation as you will appreciate and we will update all customers by email and through social media as needed if the situation warrants further actions or there are changes that may affect customers.

Links to current guidelines:
UK Government
World Health Organisation

What are we doing ?


  • We have restricted ALL unnecessary travel.
  • We are already 100% home based working - this has been our philosophy for 10 years.
  • We operate an agile paperless digital business in the UK (no buildings) and as such are already adopters of the use of the latest technology to facilitate remote meetings. All staff meeting are now online.
  • All Scanomat staff are required to follow government advice regarding self isolation. To date this has not been necessary.
  • No Scanomat staff have travelled to any of the at risk regions or been in contact with anyone from these regions as far as is reasonably possible for them or us to determine.
  • All Scanomat staff who have a valid reason to be on client premises (Technical Support) have been issued with instructions  to follow all reasonable procedures and protocols that have been implemented by customers whilst on their premises.
  • All Scanomat staff have been further instructed to ensure they are washing hands, before entering premises, when entering premises, prior to carrying out their duties and when exiting the building. 
  • Only essential staff such as Technicians are attending client premises.


With many workplaces and commercial premises temporarily closing their doors to assist in stopping the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we realise you may need to temporarily switch off your TopBrewer coffee machines.

With this in mind, we have provided some simple steps to follow that will help to ensure your coffee machines are protected and that they will be up and running, with fresh coffee flowing, as soon as it is time to switch them back on again - one less thing for you to worry about.

More on preparing your TopBrewer for temporary shutdown

The CoffeeCloud monitoring and management system means that you can reduce the need to have technicians on site & remotely keep your TopBrewer operational.

The use of the individual TopBrewer App for Smartphones eliminates the need for contact with shared surfaces to operate the coffee machine.

More on remote user access

Supply Chain

We are of course reviewing the preparedness & robustness of our supply chain including ensuring all relevant government advice is being followed by our suppliers.

Our coffee beans are roasted by us in house at our HQ in Denmark and shipped/stored along with all other consumables locally in the UK for call off by clients. There is no need right now to be ordering more than usually required although you may see fit to review the frequency of your orders to for example, monthly rather than fortnightly if you want to reduce contact with 3rd party delivery drivers.

We use a third party logistics company to manage our stock and deliveries to end user customers. We have sought and received assurances they are also following all advice and as you would expect have their own strict protocols in place.

All technical spares for your TopBrewer are also supplied from our own facility in Denmark and stored in multiple UK hubs as well as on our Technician vehicles so that we can provide prompt access to spares and can support when required.

We have no current alerts for short supply of the technical spares and are confident there is no immediate risk to the availability of products or technical support we provide. This will be kept under constant review.

Scanomat UK signs new C-19 Business Pledge

Scanomat UK Ltd has joined a growing number of businesses from across the UK in an initiative to help employees, customers and communities across Britain get through the Coronavirus crisis.