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lego supports children covid-19

Shine a light: Lego supports families and children impacted by COVID-19

We would like to shine a light on our client Lego for doing all it can to support children impacted by COVID-19 through charitable donations and its innovative #letsbuildtogether campaign.

With more than 1.5 billion school aged children estimated to be out of school, Lego is providing valuable support and practical resources to families worldwide to promote play-based learning.

In its efforts, The Lego Foundation has donated $50 million to support the most vulnerable children during the pandemic, allowing them to continue learning through play. The donations have been split between a selection of trusted Lego charity partners.

For it’s second initiative, Lego has launched a new social campaign called #letsbuildtogether which aims to inspire children and families with a selection of play-based learning activities and daily challenges.

Lego said in a statement on its website: “Our hope is to alleviate some of the strain and stress for families while keeping children engaged and curious.”

We will be continuing to #shinealight on some of our extraordinary customer’s who are doing amazing things and going the extra mile to support the COVID-19 response by providing donations, equipment and services. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for more amazing demonstrations of altruism from our incredible TopBrewer family.

Share your COVID-19 support stories with us! Use the hashtag #shinealight 

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