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HOST 2017 in Milan: a great showcase for TopBrewer innovation

Scanomat once again wowed the crowd

What a great 5 days we had at HOST 17 in Milan in October, where the Scanomat UK team joined Scanomat AS and thousands of visitors experienced the versatility of the TopBrewer family of products.

The stand showcased four main areas to spotlight our latest innovations and to demonstrate how diverse the TopBrewer is; ColdBrew, Hospitality, Office, and Café. 

TopBrewer: Revolutionising ColdBrew


With TopBrewer, we have taken ColdBrew to a new level. ColdBrew is coarsely ground coffee, steeped in cold water for an extended period of time, which gently extracts subtle flavours that are otherwise lost in hot brewing; low bitterness, fruity and citrus-like flavours and a refreshing taste with a natural high-caffeine content. Zero sugar and zero calories.

We’ve taken the whole ColdBrew experience to a new level by creating a secret recipe, brewed from the best Organic Beans from Peru. We then serve it as a ColdBrew out of our TopBrewer tap, with the option to serve it as a NitroCoffee. This process usually requires a separate Nitrogen tank, but we’ve come up with a way to do it without the tank and instead literally produce it out of thin air. The user can select the level of NitroCoffee-foam they would like and even add flavours right there and then. With the innovative bag-in-box approach and a quick-connect system, operation and maintenance have never been simpler.

Roll in the machine, plug in the power – and you’re ready to brew. Fun and tasteful additions like our Mango Smoothie/Shake option wowed many, with cold milk foam delivered right in front of their eyes and infused mango. Cold Lattes. . . Cold Chocolate. . . The list goes on – and we will continue to innovate and add more bag-in-box options as we launch the product next year.

CoffeeCloud – the worlds most advanced cloud solution


We also showcased our CoffeeCloud, the industry-leading platform for real-time BIG-data. All our TopBrewer products have online capability to share hundreds of data-points that allow the user, the operator and us to analyse data on beverage consumption, technical issues, payment transactions and enables a proactive approach for operating and maintaining TopBrewer equipment.

Hospitality, Office, Café and beyond


TopBrewer is the only machine on the market that can seamlessly be integrated into any environment, as testified by industry-leading architects, contractors, buyers, and managers in our case studies. The TopBrewer is the best choice for a fully automatic solution. We showcased the TopBrewer fully automatic solution in a range of environments, including the hotel buffet, where juice was served fresh right next to fresh bread and croissants without interrupting the aesthetics.

We displayed an example of two TopBrewer Pros next to each other in a space only 80cm wide as a self-service solution, boasting cup-dispenser and a new iPad enclosure for unparalleled self-service performance.

The Office will never be the same again, as collaborative workspaces intersect with the beverage bar. The TopBrewer is quiet and fast – it fits into any corporate office and excels in making milk based coffee beverages based on fresh-ground beans as well as providing hot tea water, chilled still or sparkling water.

And lastly, the modern café focused on customer interaction and profitability. The iPad works as both the control for the machine as well as the POS system. It’s all right there in front of the customer, allowing you to keep eye contact and achieve higher customer engagement and satisfaction. Cafes can be made smaller, leaner and more efficient, with the ability to store 30 litres of milk with two TopBrewer Pros sharing the fridge for simple cleaning and maintenance.

Some more great images from the show:

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_2230-300x200.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_2185-300x200.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_2166-300x200.jpg  b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1734.JPG


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