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Guardian TopBrewer Employee Wellbeing

Employee Wellbeing: TopBrewer in The Guardian

Launching today in The Guardian and online, our Co-Founder, Tina Williams is interviewed by Media Planet on how TopBrewer is turning the office coffee experience from an executive perk into a source of workplace wellbeing for all employees. 

As we start to look toward the post-Covid workplace and prepare for a return to the office, looking after your employee’s mental and physical wellbeing is more important than ever before.

Key thought leaders across the UK have worked with Media Planet to highlight the impact, importance and benefits of employee wellbeing and we are delighted to have contributed to this important topic.

Read more in today’s Guardian (24 March 2021) or online here.

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Williams says: “Offering a personalised coffee experience, touchless via a single tap of a smartphone, or by voice control with Siri, is a practical way for organisations to show they value the health and wellbeing of employees and can help attract and retain new talent.”

“Hundreds of clients have installed our TopBrewer touchless coffee machine ready for employees’ return to the office. It is becoming the solution of choice in the workplace. There is also high demand in the co-working, co-living and hospitality sectors.”

“From being a high-end perk for executives and VIPs, premium coffee is becoming a wellbeing benefit for everyone.”

Introducing TopBrewer Pro 2021 model – Smart meets craft

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