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Creating a Destination Workplace: Sustainability

Sustainability is already a hot topic in the workplace, but in the post-Covid world it will play a more important role than ever before. The global lockdown had an unexpected silver lining by dramatically improving global air and water quality and bringing our relationship with the environment to the front of our minds. After months of the associated sustainability benefits of home-working due to Covid-19, some employees may feel that a return to the office may hinder their environmental goals, but knowing that their employer’s doing their bit for the environment may be a driver in encouraging employees back to the workplace.

Global real estate consumes 40% of the world’s energy and raw materials, so even making small changes will have a huge impact. For example, it’s estimated that implementing smart systems throughout an office building can decrease energy consumption by up to 75%. Investing in sustainable solutions in your office is also a great way to entice your team back to the office. 

From a more long-term perspective, in a world where the youngest generations (Millennials and Gen Z) will soon make up close to 75% of the workforce, it’s important to take note of what they want, and expect, from an employer to help with long term growth and employee engagement. For these generations, company goals to reduce or offset their carbon footprint is a big driver in choosing an employer.

Smart Coffee from Smart Spaces

Introducing smart and sustainable appliances is a simple and quick way to reduce environmental impact. Almost every office throughout the UK & Ireland will have a coffee machine on site, but have you ever thought about how sustainable your coffee offering is?

For starters, many coffee machines have an inbuilt obsolescence, with many businesses finding that within months of installation their coffee machine is already out of date, and there is a new, shinier model available. The growth of coffee culture in the workplace has made it increasingly important to provide a great in-house coffee experience for staff and clients, but the office coffee machine is an appliance that risks falling into the disposable trap. The emergence of smart, future-proof assets and appliances that can be easily updated with the latest technical innovations means you can help reduce the colossal amount of global e-waste thrown away each year.

The digitally-driven, dynamic TopBrewer eco-system makes it the most sustainable coffee solution available today. TopBrewer customers receive regular, free, over-the-air software and firmware updates direct to their machine/s. This means that all TopBrewer customers can be guaranteed the same experience, whether their machine was installed 8 years ago or 8 days ago. It also means that your coffee machine will continue to be updated to the newest software as time goes on, future-proofing your investment and avoiding the need to buy new equipment. 

When investing in a sustainable coffee solution, it’s vital to consider the actual coffee served, rather than just the coffee machine itself. Every TopBrewer in the world serves our Amokka coffees, and our entire range of Amokka coffees are bought directly from our partner farms around the world, from Nicaragua to Nepal to Peru. We believe in Impact Trade – we trade directly with partner farms and cooperatives and invest in the farms and local projects to positively impact local communities. Our investment in our partner farms will not only drastically improve the lives of the workers, but will also result in TopBrewer clients receiving the best tasting and best quality coffee possible.

With a focus on great coffee, sustainable practice and longevity, TopBrewer is a truly future-proof coffee machine.

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