The Ultimate Smart Coffee Experience

At Scanomat we live and breathe every aspect of coffee. Over 50 years of research has made us experts in the field of coffee and led us on a journey to develop the world’s most advanced and premium smart coffee machine - TopBrewer. Our range of innovative, IoT enabled machines set us apart from any other manufacturer in the industry. We have combined our love of advanced technology, great design and gourmet coffee into a range of aesthetically stunning, state-of-the-art drinks machines like no other. For us, the coffee quality must match the technology, and for that reason we source and roast all of our specialty grade coffees in-house; working in close partnership with our Direct-Trade coffee farmers around the world to deliver the best barista quality in every cup.



Great Design. Simple to implement

With amazing flexibility, stunning design, and freshly brewed coffee on tap, the TopBrewer creates an office coffee experience like no other.


Hotels. Restaurants. Catering.

With its clean lines and minimal design, the award-winning TopBrewer provides a smart, stylish solution for hotels and conference venues.


The connected cafe experience.

Space-saving design, barista quality coffee, personalised drinks, mobile payment options and much, much more… all from a single stylish tap.



The beautiful, stainless steel tap is designed to be built into any tabletop. The simplicity of the TopBrewer fits elegantly into any surroundings and brews a perfect cup of premium fresh-bean coffee – every time.


The minimal TopJuicer delivers a range of fresh juice from a stylish tap at the touch of the TopBrewer app, whilst the main unit is hidden neatly under the counter below.


TopWater is a premium filtered water tap that can provide an endless supply of still and sparkling filtered water from one stylish unit, saving the cost of bottled water and reducing carbon footprint.

Cold Brew

Get on board with the biggest trend to hit the world of coffee with TopBrewer ColdBrew. With deliciously smooth intense flavours and cutting-edge technology, TopBrewer ColdBrew is the perfect solution for cafes, hotels, restaurants and offices.

TopBrewer :  Meet your CSR Goals

TopBrewer - CSR White paper
Both the coffee you buy and the way you serve it can have a huge impact on both the environment and the farming communities, and poor CSR policies can have a huge impact on your business.   A future-proof asset, such as TopBrewer, is a sure way to ensure you are reducing your carbon footprint and focussing on providing a sustainable solution to your team.

Directly-traded Specialty Coffee

TopBrewer - Coffee-Range
Every TopBrewer in the world serves AMOKKA specialty grade coffee, and our entire range of coffee beans are bought directly from our partner farms around the world, from Nicaragua to Nepal to Peru.  From 100% arabica hand-picked single origin coffees to triple certified blends, we now have 10 specialty coffees to choose from,
each perfectly suited to the TopBrewer.

A Tap & an App

We have created a revolutionary way to brew a cup of coffee. We designed TopBrewer to deliver premium coffee quality beyond a barista with a new innovative & instinctive user experience that is seamlessly integrated into any environment. Introducing an App to the coffee world gave us the freedom to create something different - to make our dreams become reality. Enjoy it while working, relaxing or anything in between.

30,000 +


3 cups

made every second

Every 2nd

Customise their drink

Expect the unexpected

Our aesthetically stunning machines with app-control technology are designed to become a centrepiece and ‘wow’ factor in your space. For the first time a coffee machine can become a focal point of design and built into any counter. Whether that’s within an island setting, hidden behind a wall or in a standalone unit. The possibilities are endless and our in-house team of creative experts are happy to advise you to maximise the potential of your space.

“The central position of the TopBrewer has worked really well as a focal point in the space and it has been instrumental in encouraging different departments to interact more frequently with each other, which is a great result!” - Stuart Jefferson, Designer at Office Principles

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Amokka Coffee Roasters

Making great coffee is a curious matter. It takes but one mistake in a very long process to do permanent damage. This is why we have taken an active role in every aspect of this journey. We are the only company in the world that does this and sustainably we might add, and it allows us to become deeply involved and to constantly improve. We like to refer to it as from

seed to serving.


Internet of Coffee
- is here -


CoffeeCloud is the worlds most advanced IoT cloud management system for coffee machines, with state-of-the-art realtime data to enhance your coffee business.

See in detail


With notifications you can trigger to send an email when certain events occurs. Create your own business rules, and become pro-active within your organisation.


CoffeeCloud is truly a realtime system. We engineered it this way from the beginning. This means, that data get’s pushed out lightning fast within a second, and you will be aware of situations whilst they occur.


With insights you are essentially using CoffeeCloud's own business intelligence tool to get the specific data you need. Want to know when a certain situation occurred? Insights got you covered.

Secure data

CoffeeCloud is secure and uses latest encryption and certification standards. We take data security very seriously. Read more in our privacy policy.

TopBrewer User Survey Results

We asked workplace users their opinion on the TopBrewer experience and the impact it had on the future workplace environment.  Watch our video or download the easy-to-read infographic to see the full results which reinforce why premium coffee is so important as part of the overall workplace experience.

High Performance TopBrewer

TopBrewer - dispelling the myths
TopBrewer can deliver a super fast beverage without compromising on quality. Due to its ultra fast self-adjusting grinders and brew unit mechanics, recovery time between cups is second to none, with an espresso-based drink dispensing in as little as 25 seconds, making TopBrewer the perfect choice for busy areas, with capacity of 350-400 drinks per day. 

What our customers say . . .


Shoosmiths workplace coffee
"In the TopBrewer, we could see the best combination of everything we were looking for in a coffee system. The fact that it also dispenses hot water for tea as well as chilled still and sparkling water from a single unit, elimated the cost and space required for separate water units. It was easy to cost-justify and is such a stylish and streamlined coffee solution." Ceri Jones, Regional Estates Manager at Shoosmiths


“We chose the TopBrewer for all of the tea points as it is designed with collaboration in mind and fits well with the ethos of the ‘third space’. The minimal appearance means that it can be integrated into a central island without looking out of place, allowing users to gather around the coffee machine and socialise in a relaxed, informal environment.” Mark Bell, Site Operations Manager at Adobe


Grimshaw Architects TopBrewer coffee
“Over 76,000 drinks have been dispensed in the last 12 months, representing a 200% increase in the volume of drinks consumed compared to our previous machine. We were also pleasantly surprised that it offered an overall cost-saving compared to other more traditional systems.”   Paul Fairey, Facilities Manager at Grimshaw

Our customers include

Press & Awards

Award winning design

We are proud to have a recognised product like the TopBrewer. Having won design awards & had a press journey around the world - we pride ourselves in having a unique, minimalistic and high quality coffee brewer which fits into any space.



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