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There’s a certain beauty to coffee. The world’s second biggest commodity never seems to let us down. It’s mostly famous for giving us a jolt when we need it, for being the center of the modern café culture and the it’s distinguished taste. Little do people often know that the bean is such a complex little structure. More on that in a bit. We’ve chosen to source our coffee directly, because it just makes sense. This way we can Impact the origin at which the coffee was born, putting more money into the right pockets by cutting out the middle man.

Direct Trade

This is why we do it!

It’s quite simple. By paying an above market price - and above Fairtrade price - to farmers directly, the money is directed to the right pocket. It also gives us a unique opportunity to influence the quality in a number of ways, providing not only feedback to the hands who cultivated it but also being able to ear-mark funds providing technical assistance, knowledge and training as well as improved infrastructure.

You can find many examples on the above looking through our farm bio’s. Click here for more

Coffee is such an incredible commodity that we have unfortunately become accustomed to paying too little for. It’s a commodity that is often time used to divert traffic into supermarkets as an item on sale, where supermarkets actually accept making tiny if any profits. This skews the perception price on coffee.

The benefits of Direct Trade

The Quality

Our dedication to delivering the best Sourcing great coffee beans and ensuring that they continue to be so that, is paramount to our dedication to delivering great coffee experiences. It doesn’t come easy. Coffee farmers are often times family businesses passed down through generations.

The way they run their farm and cultivate their crops, is also passed down and providing technical support can in some cases result in higher yields due to improved better understand of use of organic fertilizers for instance.
Furthermore having access to the right post harvest infrastructure for de-pulping the coffee, fermenting it in new ways etc. This can have serious implications to the output quality and having the direct relationship suddenly allows us to impact that. Each farm can be it’s own “micro climate”, which has an impact on how the coffee cherries mature, the terroir implicates the characteristics, exposure to sunlight and more. Access to information to understand all the tiny implications this has one the coffee can be scarce in the parts of the world where coffee is grown, often by poor farmers just getting by.

Direct Exchange
 By direct trading we have no middleman taking profits from the farmer. This also allows us to help the farmer develop his processes, and aid them to improve their production, ease the processes and finally help tailor the product to fit the TopBrewer better.
More Freshness
By having less steps in the supply chain we don't have to buy shelved products which have been lying at traders stock. As the fresh beans are ready to ship they go direct to us, ensuring an extremely fresh product.
Single Farm
we are committed to working collaboratively with the coffee growers to help provide the technical assistance that is of the most value to the individual farmer. For some, the priority will be water supply or harvesting methods, and for others it may be fertiliser or protection against fungal attack.

By working with the same plantations, year after year, we can ensure a consistent and high quality of purchased products, and we can also give farmers the stable financial support that is needed to improve cultivation methods and working conditions in the future.

Amokka Roasters

The story begins in 1998

...where two people embark on the journey to show the Danish people how coffee should taste. As Amokka grew it became synonymous with premium coffee. They also introduced Café culture which is now a central part of the Copenhagen Coffee scene. The fun and joyful Amokka lady was seen many places, and symbolized funky, fun and quality all together.

Amokka has since those days grown but it continues to keep it’s root values. The roots of coffee of such quality, that encompasses the work the farmer has put into it. Amokka is now a central and integrated part of Scanomat and TopBrewer while also operating under it’s own brand name.

Every machine you see around the world, has Amokka coffee in it. It’s our dedication to the customer that sees this through, since we believe that by cultivating and roasting great coffee and ensuring the TopBrewer only ever serves coffee of that quality, we can provide that superior experience. We still today only batch roast, meaning we carefully roast a batch and repeat the process. We have since entered into agreements with farmers directly, forming an extensive network of Direct Trade agreements to the benefit of the farmer, the community and the quality.

We seek to find an cultivate the best partnerships, to continually advance the quality and ensure a sustainable trade. We have as a motivation and clear plan to only buy Organic coffee from year 2022, working with our network of farmers that are not already organic. All of them are committed to this task - which is not a small one. It’s interesting to help convert a farm as opposed to simply locate another one that’s already certified.

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