Cafe Nor NICARAGUA - Location & Harvest

  • Altitude
    Aproxx. 1300-1400 m
  • Process
    Wet Milled, Sun Dried
  • Havestmethod
  • Havestperiod
    December - March
  • Sort
    Primarily Caturra, Catuai and Catimor

About Cafe Nor

Cafe Nor was set up in 2010 by Frederik Zeuthen and Henry Sequeira in an area called Matagalpa. They work with many small hold coffee farmers across the region and help them to improve their cultivation methods and generate a better income from their coffee farming.

Prior to Cafe Nor, Henry had been a producer in the region for six years and had seen the different limitations experienced by the producers to obtain the greatest output from their coffee plantations. He had also seen how large organisations had lost sensitivity towards small producers.

AMOKKA & Cafe Nor

We work extremely closely with Cafe Nor and have a direct relationship with their team. The coffee produced by Cafe Nor is of such good quality that we roast it and sell it as a single origin coffee called ‘Sweet Nica’. It also forms a large part of our best selling blend AMOKKA Crema and our Gorgona blend. As part of our ongoing relationship we pay an extra premium to Cafe Nor towards developing and implementing more organic farming methods.




Social focus

Frederik & Henry founded Cafe Nor, a coffee project with a social focus, after speaking with a group of local producers. “Within a couple of weeks there was a long line of producers that wanted to work with us,” says Frederik. “Right now there are close to 400 producers involved in this project and we think that by next year we can double that amount.” Cafe Nor works by providing support to the farmers to help them to improve the quality of their yield with the aim of helping them to receive a higher price for their coffee. The coffee is collected by Cafe Nor where it is weighed, dried, quality graded and sold in larger lots of uniform coffee quality and taste profile directly to coffee roasters like AMOKKA. Watch the video to find out more about the Cafe Nor project and to hear some of the producer’s stories.

Leading by example

Cafe Nor has its own small holding so that they can understand the qualities as well as the challenges of coffee growing in the Matagalpa area. They do this so that they can show the producers how their land should be managed and to trial new techniques.

Technical support

A key element of Cafe Nor is that they provide the local producers with the technical support that they need to improve their cultivation methods. Marco Flores is an Agronomist who provides the local producers with support on management, pest / disease control and financial aid for nutrients.
“I like to have a good relationship with the producers, passing on my knowledge so they can manage their farms better, have a high yield and better income for their families.” says Marco.

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