“For us, it’s all about creating a really memorable experience and the TopBrewer enhances the visitor journey" Stuart Cranston, Xerox

TopBrewer was exactly what Xerox were looking for in terms of innovation, quality and functionality

TopBrewer enhances the customer journey at the Xerox innovation centre

The Xerox Innovation Centre, opened in October 2013 in Uxbridge, involving a refurbishment to transform an existing building into a spectacular space which is used by visitors and also employees. The new facility enables Xerox to demonstrate to customers and channel partners its full range of technology and Services.

The facility is designed to create a flexible, immersive and collaborative area for customers to work together with Xerox on re-engineering their work processes. Interestingly, where traditionally, visitors would expect to see just the latest Xerox equipment, now their lasting impression is of a new Xerox, developing business-wide solutions in a fresh-looking, innovative workspace utilising leading-edge technology.

Having used self-serve coffee machines for a number of years in other areas, Xerox originally installed a self-serve unit in the welcome area. Whilst it served a purpose initially, it soon became apparent that it was not an ‘intuitive’ coffee solution for first-time visitors, who found it complicated to use without instruction.

Enter the TopBrewer.


The Xerox team first became aware of the TopBrewer from its appearance on the Gadget Show in 2014, when one of their IT team spotted the innovative concept and ‘just had to share it’ with the team, saying: ‘You’ve just got to see this!’.

Shortly after, a demonstration to the Xerox Facilities team at the 100% Design Show, confirmed that the TopBrewer was exactly what they were looking for in terms of innovation, quality and functionality. Following a reference visit to an installation at the new CBI headquarters in London, the TopBrewer was installed alongside their existing solution.

Stuart Cranston, European Customer Marketing Manager at Xerox, is delighted with how the TopBrewer has transformed their communal area where visitors start their journey at the Innovation Centre:

“The TopBrewer is a fantastic machine and it’s amazing to watch people’s reaction. It’s so intuitive; they just put a cup under the tap and select a picture from the app – it’s as simple as that. They can even customise their drink.”

The Xerox Innovation Centre hosts customers from all over the world, handling complex business projects. The Centre consists of a product showroom, but also a Discovery Area where visitors interact with experts and discuss ways to simplify how works gets done across their business as well as an 80-seat auditorium for presentations and large meetings.

Stuart continues: “The TopBrewer definitely contributes to the whole Xerox customer experience. It’s one of the first innovations that visitors interact with on site and helps to create the ‘hooks’ that they will talk about with colleagues when they get back to base.”

Xerox provide flexible, innovative and practical solutions for their customers which they are able to demonstrate at the Innovation Centre, where staff also regularly visit to share the experience.

Stuart adds: “For us, it’s all about creating a really memorable experience and the TopBrewer enhances the visitor journey and our association with technology and innovation.”

Nicolas Lihou, Head of Global Sales Enablement at Xerox Corporation, highlights the importance of delivering an outstanding customer experience:

“The Customer Experience has emerged as a key priority for many organisations. It is increasingly taking more and more company attention to generate clear differentiators through a memorable experience for our customers and the TopBrewer is helping us achieve this here in the Centre.”

Simon Bracken, Managing Director of Scanomat UK, comments: “We are delighted to welcome Xerox, another world class client & innovator, as a TopBrewer customer. There is a real synergy with both our organisations having an ethos of quality and innovation in the connected world that delivers an exceptional & premium user experience. The TopBrewer is an intuitive, app-controlled coffee solution that also delivers a tangible cost-saving in terms of consumables and ongoing operational management, in addition to the very personal approach of customising your own drinks. We are working on some very exciting & innovating enhancements to the TopBrewer eco-system which we hope Xerox staff, visitors and partners will really enjoy in the coming years.”