British Land

“The TopBrewer was the perfect choice for us as it epitomised everything we were trying to achieve with the office refurbishment." Yasmin Agharokh, Facilities Manager, British Land

British Land choose the TopBrewer coffee system by Scanomat for office refurbishment

Two TopBrewer’s were installed as part of the project; one in the reception area and visitor’s lounge on the third floor, and the other in the staff break-out area on the fourth floor.

To engage staff with the design, British Land ran a competition to name the break-out space; the winning name was ‘The British Landing’.  At the heart of ‘The British Landing’ is a central island unit with bar stools where staff can gather to enjoy a coffee from the integrated TopBrewer ‘iPad coffee machine’. There is also a mix of comfy seating and a handful of private meeting rooms to offer staff flexibility depending on the nature of their work.

Simon Bracken, Managing Director & Co-Founder of Scanomat UK said: “Research suggests that the accidental interactions that occur around the office coffee machine can be an important part of inter-departmental communication, making the break-out space an important consideration in workplace design.” He added, “The unique, under-counter design of the TopBrewer means that it can be integrated as part of the social space to create a deliberate collision zone to encourage collaborative working.”

“Yasmin Agharokh, Facilities Manager at British Land said: “The TopBrewer was the perfect choice for us as it epitomised everything we were trying to achieve with the office refurbishment – collaborative working, staff wellbeing and technology integration.” She added, “So far the TopBrewer has been a great success, the staff love it, and we have already ordered a further TopBrewer for our office at Bradgate Estate.”

Scanomat’s Simon Bracken added: “The team at British Land, GVA Acuity and COMO have planned and delivered an extremely impressive office design under exceptional circumstances. In particular, the integration of advanced technology will future-proof the space for years to come.”

Speaking about the future development plans for the TopBrewer he explained: “We are focussed on continually developing the TopBrewer eco-system to enhance the premium office coffee experience for the user and to offer unrivalled operational benefits for the customer.  The app-based system allows us to send upgrades direct to the TopBrewer ‘over the air’ meaning that our clients, including British Land, always have the most advanced software on the market.”