Remote, touch-free coffee stations.

remote touch-free coffee station

Improve social distancing and relieve pressure in busy breakout areas to promote a safer environment with a range of plug & play, self-contained coffee units.

The flexible design of the TopBrewer lends itself to mobile or static pop-up coffee points to ease the pressure of busy refreshment areas and breakout zones at peak times of the day. We have a number of ‘off the shelf’ self-contained plug & play pop-up cabinet solutions available, or we can work with you or your designer to create your own branded pop-up concept.


TopBrewer hanging slimline coffee point

TopBrewer Slimline Coffee Point

Promote a safer environment with our new minimal and discreet TopBrewer Slimline Coffee Point. The wall hanging unit is ideal for creating a self-contained, touch-free coffee facility where space is at a premium, yet style, output, and hygiene are paramount. The slimline footprint takes up minimal wall/floor space and is available with either TopBrewer Pro or Compact models.

Peace of mind with TopBrewer.

Touchless coffee

Enjoy your favourite coffee at a safe distance with the TopBrewer phone app

One tap for all drinks

Combine barista coffee, steaming hot water, chilled/sparkling water & hot chocolate.

99% safely under counter

Reduce surface contact with just the swan neck visible. Super easy to keep clean.

Remote diagnostics & notifications

CoffeeCloud enables remote monitoring and troubleshooting to reduce support visits.