Switching on the Touch-free TopBrewer App

Step 1: Switch on "iPad proxy" in the TopBrewer settings on your iPad connected to your TopBrewer.  Here's a short video to show you how.

Step 2: Download the TopBrewer app for smartphones.

Step 3: Download the digital signage to display to staff and visitors. 

Tent card for download & print

Designed for self-service download and print, our "Touchless Coffee" tent cards prompt users to download the TopBrewer App to their smartphone for personal use and drink personalisation.


Dynamic Digital Screensaver for iPad

Our "Touchless Coffee" screensaver is available for upload to the TopBrewer iPad app via CoffeeCloud.

(This feature is available to customers who have subscribed to CoffeeCloud, have an active service agreement and up-to-date credit account with us.)


Step 4: Enjoy your touch-free coffee!