Transparency is key

For us, two aspects of sustainability are at the top of our agenda: sustainable growth and sustainable trade. 

Sustainable growth

... means ensuring that the environment does not suffer unnecessary harm as a result of coffee farming, i.e. avoiding the use of harmful artificial pesticides. 

Sustainable trade

... is when the commercial exchange of products generates economic and environmental benefits, including; the creation of economic value, reducing poverty & inequality, and preserving environmental resources.

We make every effort at AMOKKA Coffee Roasters to buy our coffee from farms where we have a direct trading relationship with the plantation and we have the knowledge that the coffee is grown as sustainably as possible for the local environment. 

Understanding coffee growers needs

We understand that many coffee farmers find it difficult to convert to 100% certified organic cultivation as the coffee plant is a fragile size and is easily impacted by fungal or insect attack. In addition, it can be very expensive for the farmers to obtain certification, despite the coffee being organically grown using traditional methods. With this in mind, we work directly with growers to implement organic coffee farming methods, whilst recognising that it can take a few years to learn the techniques and working methods required. We also make sure we consider all of the risks of implementing organic farming methods at every stage, as any damage to the plants could cause the individual farmer to lose his entire income and livelihood.

Working in partnership

At AMOKKA Coffee Roasters we are committed to working collaboratively with the coffee growers to help provide the technical assistance that is of the most value to the individual farmer. For some, the priority will be water supply or harvesting methods, and for others it may be fertiliser or protection against fungal attack. By working with the same plantations, year after year, we can ensure a consistent and high quality of purchased products, and we can also give farmers the stable financial support that is needed to improve cultivation methods and working conditions in the future.