New from TopBrewer!
Freshly Steamed Hot Water for Tea Drinkers

TopBrewer has the smallest footprint of any bean-to-cup coffee system, provides a single, stylish solution for hot & cold drinks and eliminates the need for separate water units - saving counter space and additional cost.  

Now the TopBrewer smart coffee machine also provides a premium experience for tea drinkers with freshly filtered steamed hot water 'on demand'. See our CBRE case study.

Designed to provide a perfect brew, our steamed hot water function is now available on all new TopBrewer Pro models.

Fresh water is essential in making a great cup of tea or coffee and the TopBrewer uses water filtered by a Brita Filter, to ensure the best quality water for each cup.

The uniquely designed TopBrewer, with hidden under-counter brew unit and stylish swan neck tap, is the perfect central addition to any tea point.

TopBrewer premium coffee


The unique TopBrewer offers the complete refreshments package, all from a single stylish swan-neck tap:

✅ Specialty bean-to-cup coffee

✅ Steamed hot water for tea

✅ Hot chocolate

✅ Still & sparkling water