Professional stainless steel brewer
Zero watt standby function
Ultra-low energy consumption
Works with iPhone/iPad
Professional espresso in 25 secs
Filter coffee in 15 secs
Fresh milk function
Scanomatic milk clean system
Carafe function
Number of grinders 2
Professional 64 mm high output grinder
Grinding time 1 sec / 6g
Automatic, adjustable grinder
Adjustable tamper pressure 0-30 kg
Professional Instant system
Water tank
Professional flash heater  (3)
Automatic cleaning programme
Wifi/Bluetooth interface with off-site support
Rotary vane pump
Oscillating pump
Waste tray with sensor
Flashheater Professional Flash Heater, 2.3 kW NSF & UL Approved



Fresh milk fridge 
Hot chocolate system
Cold water / Carbonated water
Coin Mechanism
MDB card interface
  0-30 kg


Coffee specialities

Professinal 25 Sec. Espresso 3 cl.  120
Black Coffee 12 cl. 120
Filter coffee 12 cl.  180
Macchiato 120
Cappuccino 110
Latte 120
Hot Chocolate 12 cl.
Hot water 75 Liters
  0-30 kg

The Unit


Power supply 208-240 VAC, 10-13 Amp 1 phase,2-2,6 kW or 400 VAC 3 faser,6,9 kW, 50/60hz
Dimensions Height: 656mm
Width: 220mm
Depth: 550mm
Ingredients Coffee beans: 2 x 1400 or 1 x 2800 grams
Weight Gross: 60 kg
Nett: 56 kg
Water Supply Water pressure: 200kPa (2 Bar) - 600 kPa (6 Bar)
Conditions on installations site Temperature: 10-40 degrees C
Air humidity: Max 90% RH