About Aprocanorsi

Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera “Aprocanorsi” Ltda. Founded as an NGO in 2004, commercial coop since 2014 Jr. Santo Domingo N° 309 – San Ignacio – Cajamarca.  About the cooperative -  members in the districts of San Ignacio, San José de Loudes, Huarrango and Namballe in the Cajamarca region in northern Peru, bordering Ecuador.

Members: 159 members of which 29 women.
Harvest: 1300 – 1950 masl
Harvest season: April-December, shipping from May.
Type of coffee: 100% Arabica of several varieties: Pache, Nacional, Borbón, Catimor, Castillo and Gran Colombia.
Quality: From 80-84,5 point SCAA Capacity.

The cooperative represents a total cultivated area of 1000 Ha, of which +40% is coffee, all shade grown. Exportable production is around 25 containers or 450 Ton, of which 80% is Organic and Fair Trade.

  • Altitude
    1300 - 1950 m.a.s.l.
  • Process
  • Havestmethod
  • Havestperiod
    April - December
  • Sort
    Arabica, varietals include Pache, National, Bórbon, Catimor, Castillo and Grand Colombia

AMOKKA and Aprocanorsi

AMOKKA has purchased coffee from Peru through Pezo Import during the past 2 years, and we are very enthusiastic about the collaboration. We have received 2 containers, both organic and Fair Trade certification. All coffee purchased is from cooperatives and of very good and uniform quality.

Pezo import provided coffee samples from various lots, and once we picked the preferred coffee, Pezo Import provided us with different types of visual materials like pictures and videos and documentation of sustainable production methods, information about the region where the coffee is grown, the coffee and the cooperative. The material has been important for us in our marketing and storytelling about the coffee. We have had an open and smooth dialogue around the promotional material, and here at AMOKKA it has been our experience that Pezo Import understands what we need, and have been able to execute on our expectations to get us the quality of coffee that we demand. As part of the collaboration, we have expressed our wish to support the local community directly in a tangible way – on top of the Fair Trade payment for the coffee. In that respect, Pezo import has been excellent and suggesting different projects, and we settled on small composting plants.

The composting plants will benefit the farmers in many ways, including nutrients for their plats, supporting further development of quality coffee. In other words, Pezo Imports showed great understanding, facilitation and intermediary skills in securing collaboration between the coffee farmers and us as direct importers.