FAQ:  TopBrewer Touchless Coffee

How do I download the TopBrewer app to my personal device?

You can download the TopBrewer app from the App Store or GooglePlay. Search for 'TopBrewer' or scan the relevant QR code on the iPad screen.

Is the TopBrewer app free of charge?

Yes, the TopBrewer app is completely free and there are no in app purchases.

How many people can connect to the TopBrewer with their personal device at any one time?

A maximum of 3 personal devices can be connected to a single TopBrewer at any one time. This does not include the iPad which is classed as the 'parent device'. In busy areas please remember to close the app after use to allow others to connect.

Why am I having trouble connecting an Android device?

The TopBrewer app is available on Android devices but you may experience a slightly delayed connection compared to Apple devices. We are working on updating the Android app experience to make it more seamless.

Can I use ScanomatPAY (SumUp) when controlling the TopBrewer with my mobile device?

ScanomatPAY (SumUp) is currently not supported whilst using the mobile app. We are working on making this functionality available in the future. In locations where ScanomatPAY (SumUp) is enabled the mobile app and TopBrewerVoice functionality has been switched off.

How do I set up TopBrewerVoice on my Apple device?

To enable Siri your iPhone will need to run iOS 13 as a minimum. All iPhone dating back four generations (back to iPhone 7) can run Siri shortcuts. When you are in the app customisation screen click the button to 'Add to Siri' and create your voice command.

Why do I need to set a favourite machine to use TopBrewerVoice?

To enable voice control you will need to pick a favourite machine, i.e. the machine you use most frequently. This is because Siri needs to identify which machine you are using.

Can I use TopBrewerVoice control with my Android device?

TopBrewerVoice is currently not supported with Android devices as it is powered by Siri. We are working on making voice control available for Android devices in the future.

If you need any additional support, please email our service support team service@scanomat.co.uk and we will be happy to assist.

We offer a number of remote access tools to support our customers. You can find more information on the remote user access technology available with TopBrewer here, including information about the TopBrewer smartphone app and CoffeeCloud, our cloud-based monitoring and insights tool.

We would like to assure you that we are monitoring the situation very closely and following all government advice in order to safeguard our staff, our customers and your staff. We are keeping our website up to date with regular Coronavirus (COVID-19) information. You can read our latest update here.