Freedom to design

Our unique, patented technology has allowed us to reimagine the traditional bean-to-cup coffee machine design and literally turn it on its head. Instead of a large bulky table-top machine taking up precious counter space, we have moved the brewing equipment under the counter to create an elegant and streamlined design on the surface.

The swan neck is both height adjustable and rotational. This means that you can adjust the height all the way down from a small espresso cup to a large jug or flask.

We believe our design offers the best possible user experience. For cafés, it means you can have better customer interaction while at the same time dispensing a flawless drink right in front of their eyes. For offices, you can create a social hub for staff to gather, collaborate and share ideas.

Expect the unexpected

Our aesthetically stunning machines with app-control technology are designed to become a centrepiece and ‘wow’ factor in your space. For the first time a coffee machine can become a focal point of design and built into any counter. Whether that’s within an island setting, hidden behind a wall or in a standalone unit. The possibilities are endless and our in-house team of creative experts are happy to advise you to maximise the potential of your space.

“The central position of the TopBrewer has worked really well as a focal point in the space and it has been instrumental in encouraging different departments to interact more frequently with each other, which is a great result!” - Stuart Jefferson, Designer at Office Principles

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Enjoying a perfect coffee

At the perfect temperature

So what is the perfect water temperature for when brewing coffee? 92-96 degrees Celsius and why you ask? This leads to an extraction which gets all the sugars and the aromatic oils from the coffee without burning it, when the water collides with the grounds of coffee inside the brewer.

The TopBrewer swan neck is insulated throughout and ensures that hot liquids from coffee and frothed milk to hot water or steam, will maintain their temperature throughout their journey for the optimal interaction.

World's smallest milk foamer

Even the smallest part creates something big

Milk foam is essential in making a foamy cappuccino or a creamy latte. This patented system gives exquisite textures, and makes the TopBrewer possible.

Cold milk is pumped to the tip of the Topbrewer, where the hot steam meets it and starts the steaming process. Even though it is so small, it doesn’t mean we lack control, with various parameters we can achieve a perfect foam suited for every drink.

If it is so small, how do we keep it clean? Well after every drink the whole system is flushed with water to keep every dispense tasting nothing less than perfect.

The brewer

It is like having your own barista

Three motors simplify the mechanical moving components rather than using gears and leavers. This means that we reduce mechanical components which can break, and give our customers problems. The whole brewing unit is intelligently made to ensure easy service. You simply loosen a single finger screw, and the whole brewing unit can be pulled out and replaced in under 30 seconds.

As the brewer unit incorporates both motors, a heater and circuit boards, you almost get a new coffee machine in just seconds, reducing any possible down time to a minimum.


Utilising the core ingredient in best way

The flash-heater makes all the difference. Rather than preheating a large quantity of water which with time just gets worse, we heat fresh cold water in just seconds. This aids to the taste in our coffee and you ask how? CO2 controls the waters ability to contain minerals, which is due to the carbonate system and means all minerals will be non-existent when the CO2 is gone. This does not happen while heating the water, but rather keeping the water at a boiled stage, which most coffee machines do. By instantly heating it we preserve some of the minerals, and this will give a better taste, as well as give better yield of the coffee. A cup of coffee contains 98% water, so therefore the water quality is extremely important.

Brewing Chamber

Short travel for an hot experience

The hot water is transported no more than 5 cm to enter the brewer chamber. This is preheated by the flash-heater, which means, that the water’s heat will not be absorbed by the environment as it is the same temperature. This is very important to make a hot drinkable beverage as the liquid will lose heat once it is poured into a cup. Temperatures are electronically maintained and extremely consistent, meaning that all the way through a shot of espresso, there are no temperature drops and resulting in a pristine espresso experience. ' When the water hits the puck (coffee grounds), the water should be between 92-95 degrees Celsius to get the right extraction and continuously maintained throughout the brew.

Automatic Cleaning

Makes life easier

Cleaning the machine automatically, even during the day without you noticing it. The fresh milk lines are flushed after every brew, leaving no residue on the insides and minimising the use of chemicals and shortening the daily cleaning routine. You don't even feel the machine doing it, as it all happens within. After a day of use, a simple 1 minute automatic clean cycle covers the whole machine and rinses both brewer and milk lines thoroughly. Days with heavy use might need more cleaning and here we have a separate, intensive program. With easy access to the brewer it's also a simple task to sweep with a wet cloth and use the cleaning brushes provided. We pride ourselves in saying that Scanomat's fully automatic bean-to-cup machines are the easiest in the industry to clean!