Freedom to design.

Our unique, patented technology has allowed us to completely reimagine the traditional bean-to-cup coffee machine design and literally turn it on its head.

Instead of a bulky tabletop machine taking up precious counter space, by moving the brewing equipment under the counter we have created an elegant and streamlined design on the surface. 

The iconic swan neck is height adjustable and rotational, allowing TopBrewer users to adjust the swan neck height from a small espresso cup to a large jug or flask.

We believe our revolutionary design offers the best possible user experience. For hospitality environments, the almost-silent professional brew unit and sleek design allow for better interaction with customers as their beverage is dispensed. For offices, the TopBrewer design can create a social hub or focal point in your space where staff can gather to chat, share ideas and collaborate over a coffee.

TopBrewer gives you complete freedom to design, allowing designers and architects to think outside the box and create beautiful spaces, with a barista-quality coffee solution that does not compromise on quality or taste.

Add a ‘wow’ factor to your space.

The aesthetically stunning TopBrewer, with its app-control technology and stylish design, is designed to become a centrepiece and ‘wow’ factor in your space. For the first time, a coffee machine can become a focal point of design and be built into almost any space. Whether that’s within an island setting, hidden behind a wall or in a standalone unit, the possibilities are endless. Our in-house team of creative experts are happy to advise you to maximise the potential of your space.

“The central position of the TopBrewer has worked really well as a focal point in the space and it has been instrumental in encouraging different departments to interact more frequently with each other, which is a great result!” - Stuart Jefferson, Designer at Office Principles