The Coffee Experience

The TopBrewer deserves nothing but the best. We’ve chosen to source our coffee directly, because it just makes sense. This way we can Impact the origin at which the coffee was born, putting more money into the right pockets by cutting out the middle man.

Our Coffee Farms

We are proud to have a direct relationship with coffee producers in Brazil, Nicaragua, Peru, Nepal and Ethiopia.  Read on to find out how we are working with individual coffee farms and co-operatives to improve sustainability, cultivation methods and living conditions.

Amokka History

Find out how Amokka become synonymous with premium coffee and with flavors and aromas that customers experienced for the first time.

Amokka Coffee Roasters

At Amokka Roasters we love coffee and passionately seek out nothing but the best coffee beans from around the world. We pride ourselves in trading our coffee directly with farmers, investing in a sustainable future and giving us greater transparency about where our coffee comes from and how it is grown.

Amokka Coffee Range

Fresh, fun and full of character!  We have a wide range of blends available, each with a unique taste profile - you can be sure we will have a coffee that is perfect for you or your business. All of our coffee blends are composed, controlled, roasted and packaged by us at our AMOKKA Coffee Roasters. 

Amokka Blog

All of the latest news and information about our coffee plus stories from our coffee-growing partners around the world. Find out about all the sustainable initiatives we have in place and how we are helping coffee farmers to improve their livelihoods and cultivation methods. 

Amokka Coffee Blog