• The Boutique Workplace

    The Boutique Workplace Company

    “Clients don’t have the additional expense of going to premium coffee shops when they have the same quality drinks here at the touch of a button. It is a huge selling point for us when we have viewings for the building. Our clients love the coffee and they are amazed with how the TopBrewer works and looks.”  Daniel Wheble, CEO

  • Glandore – Dublin

    “Our members are really impressed by the coffee quality, the wide range of drinks and personalisation available from the TopBrewer, which is used throughout the day in the member clubroom. In fact, we often see members from other floors coming to the second floor specifically to use the TopBrewer in preference to other available tea-points.” Riz Ansari, Operations Manager at Glandore

  • SIG-workplace-dublin-topbrewer

    SIG Workplace – Dublin

    “We have been really impressed by the TopBrewer performance and coffee quality, but also the impeccable service and support received by the local Scanomat team in Ireland. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend TopBrewer to other clients.” J P Rust, General Manager at SIG Workplace

  • Shoosmiths-TopBrewer

    Shoosmiths – Manchester

    "In the TopBrewer, we could see the best combination of everything we were looking for in a coffee system. The fact that it also dispenses hot water for tea as well as chilled still and sparkling water from a single unit, elimated the cost and space required for separate water units. It was easy to cost-justify and is such a stylish and streamlined coffee solution." Ceri Jones, Regional Estates Manager at Shoosmiths

  • Landmark – Chancery Lane

    “I have been really impressed with the service provided by the Scanomat team and the reliability of the TopBrewer. The speed of response from the technical team and the help desk has been fantastic. Our Account Manager, Andrea and our Customer Experience Manager, Svetlana have been extremely helpful and visit us regularly to make sure everything is operating smoothly. All in all it has been a very positive experience to work with Scanomat” Simon Green, Client Relationship Manager at Landmark

  • TopBrewer at Adobe White Collar Factory


    “We chose the TopBrewer for all of the tea points as it is designed with collaboration in mind and fits well with the ethos of the ‘third space’. The minimal appearance means that it can be integrated into a central island without looking out of place, allowing users to gather around the coffee machine and socialise in a relaxed, informal environment.” Mark Bell, Site Operations Manager at Adobe

  • TopBrewer at Beazley Group

    Beazley Group – Birmingham

    “The TopBrewer ticked the boxes for us from a CSR perspective. We particularly liked the fact that the TopBrewer saves energy by not continuously heating water in a boiler, unlike other systems,” Linda Anderson, Facilities Manager for Beazley Group

  • Grimshaw-anniversary-topbrewer

    Grimshaw Architects

    “Over 76,000 drinks have been dispensed in the last 12 months, representing a 200% increase in the volume of drinks consumed compared to our previous machine. We were also pleasantly surprised that it offered an overall cost-saving compared to other more traditional systems.”   Paul Fairey, Facilities Manager at Grimshaw

  • LEO TopBrewer

    The Argyll Club – Nova North

    “As part of our commitment to deliver innovative technologies and first-class services to our customers we are delighted to have installed four TopBrewer coffee machines at Nova North to provide a premium coffee experience to our clients.” Mira Calvey, Deputy Operations Director at The Argyll Club

  • Zaha Hadid Architects

    Zaha Hadid Architects

    “This is a very busy area, catering for over 200 staff as well as visiting clients. Everyone loves the TopBrewer. The app makes it so easy to use and customise drinks and we have seen a massive increase in staff staying on-site, rather than leaving the office in their coffee breaks. We’re now looking to install another TopBrewer in our Goswell Road Gallery.”  Steve Arnold, Facilities Manager at ZHA