• The Gate Aparthotel TopBrewer and TopJuicer

    The Gate

    “We are all about the guest experience, so TopBrewer has not only fit in with the experience we want our guests to have, but also with the sleek, minimal design.” Carmen, Guest Service Associate, The Gate Hotel

  • Royal Berkshire Hotel Homespace TopBrewer

    Royal Berkshire Hotel

    “The TopBrewers are perfect for our new, flexible corporate workspace that caters for individual clients or collaborative meetings. We now have a welcoming remote-working environment, with premium, barista-quality drinks on tap, creating a memorable and reassuring guest experience.”  Debbie Guy, General Manager at the Royal Berkshire

  • South Lodge Hotel

    South Lodge Hotel

    “From a technology perspective the TopBrewer is at the cutting-edge and we love that it is focussed on the guest experience.”  David Connell, General Manager, South Lodge

  • TAG Farnborough Airport

    TAG Farnborough Airport

    “The TopBrewer has enhanced the new facilities and clients have been impressed by the minimalist concept of the machine and obviously the wonderful beverages it produces.”  Sophie Lesnoff, Head of Customer Services & Terminal Operations, TAG

  • Stratstone MINI case study

    Stratstone MINI Leeds

    “It was like magic!  The TopBrewer is completely different to anything else and is really intuitive to use with a vast choice of drinks. It mirrors the MINI brand identity with it’s fun feel, sleek lines and totally individual customer experience.”  Chris Lucas, Creative Director, Constructive Image

  • Pennyhill Park Hotel

    Pennyhill Park Hotel

    “The quality of the TopBrewer coffee is first-class and the reliability and consistency of the drinks means that it is one less thing for our hospitality staff to worry about,"  Julian Tomlin, General Manager, Pennyhill Park