Case studies

  • AssaelArchitecture

    Assael Architecture

    “We envisaged the café area as the ‘watering hole’ where staff could freely meet and collaborate over good coffee and the integration of the TopBrewer has been a catalyst to this thanks to its innovative design.”  Stephen Willmore, Associate Director, Assael Architecture

  • Jellyfish


    “The new office is all about showcasing Jellyfish as a classy, grown-up business and TopBrewer really complements the stylish look and feel of this fantastic workspace as well as providing top-quality drinks.” Mark Deeprose, Chief Creative Officer, Jellyfish

  • Stratstone MINI case study

    Stratstone MINI Leeds

    “It was like magic!  The TopBrewer is completely different to anything else and is really intuitive to use with a vast choice of drinks. It mirrors the MINI brand identity with it’s fun feel, sleek lines and totally individual customer experience.”  Chris Lucas, Creative Director, Constructive Image

  • Pennyhill Park Hotel

    Pennyhill Park Hotel

    “The quality of the TopBrewer coffee is first-class and the reliability and consistency of the drinks means that it is one less thing for our hospitality staff to worry about,"  Julian Tomlin, General Manager, Pennyhill Park

  • Xerox

    “For us, it’s all about creating a really memorable experience and the TopBrewer enhances the visitor journey and our association with technology and innovation.” Stuart Cranston, European Customer Marketing Manager, Xerox

  • Office Principles case study

    Office Principles

    “The central position of the TopBrewer has worked really well as a focal point in the space and it has been instrumental in encouraging different departments to interact more frequently with each other, which is a great result!” Stuart Jefferson, Designer at Office Principles

  • London & Partners TopBrewer

    London & Partners

    “The TopBrewer not only looks gorgeous, but also provides a wide choice of hot and cold drinks including sparkling water"  Aliki Georgiou, Facilities Manager, London & Partners

  • QBE Insurance Group TopBrewer

    QBE Insurance Group

    “We selected the TopBrewer as the standard refreshment solution for our modern workspace due to it’s flexible design, advanced technology and social aspect."  Mark Thompson, Head of Corporate Real Estates Services, QBE

  • British Land

    “The TopBrewer was the perfect choice for us as it epitomised everything we were trying to achieve with the office refurbishment - collaborative working, staff wellbeing and technology integration.” Yasmin Agharokh, Facilities Manager, British Land

  • Nimlok

    “We’re thrilled to be able to offer our clients a delicious cup of coffee from the TopBrewer whilst also showing visitors how engaging technology can help enhance experiences.” Clare Farthing, Marketing Manager, Nimlok