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Why should you invest in a high quality in-house coffee experience at work?

An important part of the office space is undoubtedly the coffee machine, according to the 2017 Leesman Index, 82% of respondents said that tea, coffee and refreshment facilities were a highly important factor in their physical environment. On top of this, today’s consumer is developing a deeper understanding of, and interest in, coffee. This increased awareness has led to the expectation of the average consumer growing significantly, forcing all involved in the coffee sector to up their game. Premium coffee is not concentrated in coffee shops any longer, consumers expect a barista-quality beverage wherever they go, including the office. A top-quality machine can seem like a big investment on face value but here are six reasons why it is vital to get the office coffee experience right.

1 – A tangible reward for employees

It’s been proven time after time that people are inclined to work harder when they feel their efforts are recognised and rewarded. Installing a top-quality coffee machine to serve great coffee to your employees is a great and simple way of showing you value them.

Lorraine Broun, Facilities Supervisor at Autodesk explains the value they have seen first hand: “Investing in a TopBrewer for our office refurbishment has shown our employees how much we value them. It has also encouraged them to utilise the new breakout space, promoting social engagement in the workspace.” 


2 – Improve morale and productivity

As well as showing that you value your team, providing free, high-quality coffee is great for office morale and productivity. It’s been proven that a happy team are more productive and work more effectively (click here to read about the importance of employee wellbeing), which in turn has a positive impact on the company’s performance. The caffeine in the coffee has also been proven to help your team stay focussed.


3 – Coffee as a tool for collaboration

A strategically placed coffee machine is a fantastic tool for promoting creativity and networking amongst your staff. The long-held assumption that coffee breaks are a waste of time and productivity has been disproved, and we now know that a break away from your desk, where you can chat with your colleagues in an informal way, is a great way to increase creativity and share ideas. These “bump opportunities” spark spontaneous conversation and an exchange of ideas and insights. The unique design of the TopBrewer, with its hidden, under-counter unit and iconic swan neck tap, means it can be incorporated into almost any environment, and is often used as an anchor point in breakout zones.


4 – Save time (and money) with a high-quality machine

Despite the initial investment, a high-quality coffee machine can actually save you time and money. How often do your team leave the office to nip to a local coffee shop? It’s estimated that close to half of workers leave the office each day to purchase a coffee from a high-street cafe or coffee shop. These outings may only be 15 minutes or so, but 15 minutes each day (or often several times a day) quickly adds up to a big chunk of time away from their desk. Offering a premium alternative in the office will help keep your employees on site, saving time and money.


5 – First impressions count!

Try as we might, the evidence cannot be ignored, and it takes less than 7 seconds to form a first impression. Imagine someone walking into your office space, what will they see and experience in those vital first seconds? The right coffee machine can add a real “wow factor” to your office space, which in turn can be a valuable asset in terms of impressing your clients and potential talent!

Bates Wells Braithwaite chose to install a TopBrewer to add a “wow factor” to their space. Megan Watkins, Operations and Projects Manager, comments: “We wanted a wow factor for our staff when they entered the new office on day one and we certainly received it with the TopBrewer. We have many clients and visitors to the new office and it is always one of the highlights when giving tours around the office.”

Oliver Thomas, Senior Director at CBRE, agrees: “The TopBrewer concept fits perfectly into our new Client Lounge with its sleek design, advanced technology and overall ‘wow factor’ experience.”

6 – Coffee’s health benefits

Lastly (and contrary to popular belief), coffee can have many health benefits. Recent studies have shown that coffee is full of antioxidants, and as well as this it can lessen the effects of Parkinson’s Disease and reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes. If that’s not enough, coffee can lower your risk of heart disease and reduce stress. Perfect for keeping your team happy and healthy!


Click here to find out more about TopBrewer and how you can incorporate it into your workplace.

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