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Why a future-proof coffee machine is best for your business and the environment

Business practices have changed dramatically in the last 30 years. From the invention of the computer, to the introduction of the Internet and social media, technology has massively altered how we work. Technology is the driver of innovation, but with tech being updated almost as quickly as it’s released, it can quickly become overwhelming and very expensive to keep up-to-date, not to mention the impact it can have on the environment. The lifecycle of a product has never been more important, and investing in future-proof assets is the best way to ensure your business stays ahead of the crowd, whilst also being financially smart.

Changing attitudes to consumerism

As we learn more about climate change and the impact we, as a species, are having on the environment, our attitudes to sustainability and ethical practices are changing. It is becoming increasingly necessary to think about how sustainable we are, both as individuals and as businesses, to reduce the impact on the environment. Thanks to this shift in perspective, we also expect the organisations we work for and the companies we buy from to have the same approach to ethical practices and sustainability. As a result, what was a throw away attitude to consumerism is evolving towards quality, future-proof investments that are built to last.

Investing in a more sustainable future

Ethical and sustainable consumption has become more important for many consumers, and if businesses want to be commercially successful and attract the best employees and clients, they need to meet these expectations with their investments. Historically, we have always strived to own the newest gadgets, and think nothing of getting rid of a perfectly functional smartphone because a newer, shinier model has been launched. The need to constantly and regularly replace assets to have the latest features was also popular in the business world, but when done on a commercial scale (just think, how many computers, laptops, tablets and phones are in your workplace?) the environmental effects can be devastating. Many technical components can’t be recycled, which means they can end up in landfill and it’s estimated that the average Briton throws away between 20 and 25kg of e-waste (e.g. laptops, televisions, fridges, mobile phones) each year. The emergence of smart, future-proof assets and appliances that can be easily updated with the latest technical innovations means you can help reduce the colossal amount of global e-waste. As a business owner, thinking more sustainably and investing in future-proof assets will not only help reduce your environmental impact, it can also attract the youngest generation of top talent who are growing ever-conscious of their environmental impact and what the future holds. Being green can also boost the reputation of your business as clients become more inclined to rate sustainability as a factor in their purchasing decisions.

The next generation of future-proof coffee machines

One appliance that almost every business owns is a coffee machine. They are a necessity in offices, hotels and food service businesses. The growth of coffee culture in the workplace  has made it increasingly important to provide a great in-house coffee experience for staff and clients, but the humble office coffee machine is an appliance that risks falling into the disposable trap. Most coffee machine manufacturers regularly release “new and improved” models, but what happens to the old machines once they’re taken away? How much of your coffee machine can truly be recycled?

The benefits to your business

Working closely with architects and corporate clients, Scanomat has become synonymous with developing cutting-edge coffee machines that are built to last, delivering market-leading coffee experiences that are smart, energy-efficient and always up to date.

TopBrewer customers receive regular, free over-the-air software and firmware updates direct to their machine/s. This means that all TopBrewer customers can be guaranteed the same experience, whether their machine was installed 8 years ago or 8 days ago. It also means that your coffee machine will continue to be updated to the newest software as time goes on, avoiding the need to buy new equipment. Energy-efficiency is also a big focus for Scanomat and by switching to a more energy efficient coffee solution, such as TopBrewer, businesses can see their energy consumption considerably reduced. Saving energy can also have a direct impact on the bottom line as well as being better for the environment, so it makes good business sense. With a focus on great coffee, sustainable practice and longevity, TopBrewer is a truly future-proof coffee machine.

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