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TopBrewer: Premium, Touchless Coffee for All Office Spaces

With the expectations of the workplace changing at a rapid pace, a premium coffee experience should no longer be limited to client-facing areas. Why shouldn’t all of your staff coffee points deliver the same level of experience and more? In this blog we examine why (now more than ever) you need to be offering quality coffee in all areas of the office space.

Safety is paramount

The return to the office will likely be an easier transition if your team know their safety and wellbeing is being taken seriously. Whilst your staff are in the office, their safety is paramount. In normal times, how often do your team leave the office to grab a coffee? Not only can this be a negative in terms of productivity and efficiency, the increased mixing with others in a lift or in the coffee shop is now a safety concern. A premium coffee solution in the office has always been an important part of the employee experience, but delivering premium coffee in all areas will now also play a pivotal role in keeping your staff on site and keeping them safe.  The intuitive TopBrewer app means there’s no need to touch shared buttons or surfaces, and the ability to save your favourite drink means you can enjoy it at any time, from any TopBrewer you choose to use, using your own device.

One tap for all drinks 

As well as its large range of barista-quality coffees, luxury hot chocolate, and hot water for tea drinkers, TopBrewer also dispenses chilled still and sparkling water; streamlining your drinks solutions, eliminating the need to use plastic bottles and keeping your staff healthy and hydrated.

office coffee machine

Strategic coffee points

TopBrewer’s unrivalled versatility lends it to ALL kinds of different spaces. The focus is on the customer experience and the aesthetics of specialty coffee brewing, with our iconic swan neck playing a pivotal role. The minimal footprint and über-quiet brew unit allows TopBrewer to be integrated seamlessly into any environment to deliver a full range of barista-quality drinks in a sleek and memorable way, but without compromising on taste or experience.

Strategically placing TopBrewer machines in key areas can have a profound effect on your business, showing your team you care, encouraging collaboration and idea sharing, and welcoming clients and guests in a memorable way. 

Introducing our remote pop up solutions to new areas of your space will mean that your employees and guests don’t have to move around the office as much, and offering more than one coffee point will help maintain social distancing and stop big groups gathering around limited facilities in the office.

Quality Experiences

A recent Gensler study shows that 4 in 5 want to return to the office in some way each week. Perhaps the biggest difference in the workplace going forward will be the focus on creating an experience for your employees. Hybrid working will become the norm, and as businesses move towards a balance of office-based and remote working, the office space will need to become a real destination – somewhere your employees actually want to spend time. 

Sustainable Design

As well as office design and safety being altered by the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s likely that some of the values your staff see as most important have also changed. Many people are assessing their environmental impact, and want their employer to do the same. Introducing sustainable, future-proof appliances is an intelligent way to reduce environmental impact and also ensures that you have made a smart investment. 

Almost every office throughout the UK & Ireland will have a coffee machine on site, but have you ever thought about how sustainable your coffee offering is? TopBrewer is made primarily from steel, the world’s most recyclable material, and customers receive regular, over-the-air updates to avoid the need to regularly replace their coffee machine with a newer model. Coupled with the sustainably sourced coffee beans, the digitally-driven, dynamic TopBrewer eco-system is most sustainable coffee solution available today.

Efficient management

From an operational perspective, TopBrewer’s cloud management system, CoffeeCloud, offers remote diagnostics and insights, giving you an overview of all of your TopBrewer machines from your desk. This not only increases efficiencies, but the remote management tools stop unnecessary visits to the machines for your staff. We will soon be taking this to the next level with the rollout of BaristaDJ, which will allow our engineers and technical team to fix any issues remotely and over-the-air, rather than sending an engineer to site.

So why wait? Now is the opportune time to start planning for the return of your team and preparing the office to be an enjoyable, welcoming and safe experience for employees, guests and clients in ALL coffee points.

Click here to find out which areas of your business need a premium coffee experience through TopBrewer.

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Introducing TopBrewer Pro 2021 model. Smart Meets Craft. Click here to watch the video.

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