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Revolutionary TopBrewer Experience comes to Ireland

After huge success in the UK, Europe and the US, the revolutionary TopBrewer coffee machine is now officially available in Ireland via Scanomat UK who have set up a dedicated sales & after-care team to service the growing demand from commercial businesses, architects and designers in Ireland.

Built around the social experience of drinking coffee, the TopBrewer delivers barista-quality beverages via a unique swan neck tap that is exclusively controlled via an iPad or smart phone app. The minimal design means that it can be strategically integrated into a central island unit or breakout space to encourage spontaneous interactions and informal meetings around the coffee machine, whilst the silent coffee brewer is hidden discreetly in the cabinet below.

Brian Kelly, Senior Business Development Manager for TopBrewer in Ireland explains how the office coffee experience has become a key driver of collaboration and agile working in the modern workplace, as well as being an expected office perk;

“The ‘third space’ is becoming increasingly popular in offices in Ireland, and so too is the demand for premium, speciality coffee in the workplace,” comments Brian. “The fact is, employees, and more specifically millennials, expect to be able to get a good cup of coffee in the office, and businesses need to respond to this trend in order to attract and retain the best talent.”

He adds, “The TopBrewer, with its sleek design and advanced technology, is perfectly positioned to boost employee wellbeing and enhance workplace design, providing a much more cohesive service that meets the end client’s wider business objectives – not just to simply provide a means to an end.”

The TopBrewer was originally developed in response to feedback from Architects about the ugly nature of most commercial coffee machines, and at a recent discussion of “The Workplace Café of Today”, Todd Heiser, a principal of global architecture firm Gensler, said: “Workplace happiness focuses around coffee, food and water, and this is changing the design of work environments across the globe.” With this in mind, the stylish TopBrewer is a designer’s dream, providing a natural anchor point in the workspace and a real ‘wow’ factor. The fact that it is a modular system allows for extensive drinks menu flexibility in a minimal footprint, making it the ideal solution where space is limited.

As well as a full range of fresh, speciality coffees, the TopBrewer can produce hot water for tea, delicious hot chocolate and still & sparkling filtered water. Scanomat have gone on to develop a family of products to include; TopJuicer, TopWater and ColdBrew, which perfectly complement the flagship TopBrewer.

One of the really smart features of the machine (and there are quite a few) is that it is exclusively app-controlled via low energy bluetooth connection, offering a stable, personalised coffee experience at the control of any iOS or Android device. “Consumers love the fact that they can select and customise their favourite drink from the app menu and save it to enjoy again and again,” adds Brian. Payment solutions are also available as an optional extra with advanced cashless and mobile payment technology.

From a service perspective, Irish customers can expect smart and efficient proactive service due to an advanced IoT tool called ‘CoffeeCloud’ as Brian explains;

“With ‘CoffeeCloud’ we are able to monitor all machines in the field in realtime, allowing us to provide fast, reactive and proactive service to our client’s, sometimes before they even realise there is a problem. All of our clients also have access to the cloud for free, allowing them unique access to their coffee machine’s performance at any time of day, including live notifications to tell them if their machine needs topping up with milk or cleaning.”

Every detail of the award-winning TopBrewer has been carefully engineered and it even boasts the smallest milk foamer in the world to froth fresh milk to the perfect silky texture for cappuccino, latte and flat white. Whats more, the TopBrewer is highly energy efficient and cleans itself between each and every drink making it simple to operate on a day-to-day basis.

Simon Bracken, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Scanomat UK comments: “We are very excited to be launching TopBrewer in Ireland to meet the growing demand for premium coffee in the workplace. In recent years, TopBrewer has disrupted the office coffee scene in the UK, promoting spontaneous interaction and collaboration over great coffee, and we look forward to having a similar impact in Ireland. We plan to operate direct to market via our new dedicated team, as well as replicating the success of our strategic partner referral scheme working with established architects, designers and fit-out companies who are interested in specifying the TopBrewer for commercial projects.”

The TopBrewer is available now in Ireland to purchase or lease.

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