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5 simple ideas to engineer your workplace for next-gen employees

It’s no secret that the workplace has changed massively in recent years, and what employees expect from a workplace in 2018 is completely different to what would have been expected just 10 years ago. As the youngest generations start to graduate from university and join the working world, companies are starting to update their spaces to reflect what Generations Y and Z actually want from a workspace. It’s estimated that by 2020, almost half (46%) of the workforce will be millennials, so it’s important to start making changes or risk getting left behind.

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TopBrewer survey

TopBrewer User Feedback Survey – Results!

In our first ever TopBrewer user feedback survey, we questioned 699 mixed profile premium workplace user respondents to gauge their opinions on the TopBrewer experience and the impact it had on the future workplace environment. Download the easy-to-read infographic to see the full results which reinforce why premium coffee is so important as part of the overall workplace experience.

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