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Amokka Coffee has been part of the Scanomat Family for over 10 years, but has been around for much longer. Read on to find out more about Amokka Coffee’s journey from a small start-up founded in the late 90s, to an integral part of a global business 20 years later.

The Amokka journey begins in 1998 in Denmark. Amokka Coffee was founded by Tina Scheftelowitz and Lasse Thielfoldt, who wanted to bring fantastic tasting coffee to the Danish people. They were among the first to adopt what is now called the “Third Wave” of coffee and coffee roasting. This refers to the focus on enhancing the taste of the coffee and has a strong focus on increasing sustainable trade. Their vision led to Amokka becoming synonymous with premium coffee and great taste.

In 2005, Scanomat entered into an agreement to buy Amokka from Tina and Lasse. Since then, Amokka has grown, but it hasn’t forgotten its roots. Amokka is an integral part of Scanomat and TopBrewer, whilst also operating under its own brand name. Every TopBrewer coffee machine in the world has Amokka coffee beans in it. We want our customers to have the best possible coffee experience, and by ensuring that every TopBrewer is filled with Amokka coffee, we can be confident that the coffee they are tasting is of a consistent, high quality.


At Amokka Coffee, we are passionate about coffee and we actively seek out the best coffee beans from around the world. Arabica Coffee makes up roughly 70% of global coffee production, and of this, around 37% is considered “specialty” coffee. We source only the top 1% of specialty coffee, and we are extremely proud that all of our coffee is graded as 84 or higher on the SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe) coffee quality scale.

We source our coffee directly from the coffee farmers that grow it. We are proud to have a direct relationship with coffee producers in Brazil, Nicaragua, Peru, Nepal and Ethiopia (keep an eye on our blog in the coming months as we will be focussing on each Partner Farm in more detail). Direct trade is often referred to as “beyond Fair Trade” (click here read more about Direct Trade). We focus on building relationships with our farmers that are based on trust and mutual respect. With Amokka coffees, our suppliers trust that we will buy their coffee beans over and over, and we trust that they will provide us with a consistently high quality product. This trust and relationship gives us a unique opportunity to influence the quality of our coffee. Not only through providing direct feedback to our farmers, but also by having the ability to earmark funds for certain projects. For example, by 2022 our goal is to only buy organic coffee beans. Rather than seeking out new farms that already produce organic beans, we are working with and investing in our farm to support them in becoming organic.

The green beans bought directly from our partner farms are shipped straight back the Amokka Coffee Roastery in Copenhagen, Denmark, where they are micro-roasted. Our Master Roaster carefully tests every batch, finding the exact sweet spot where the coffee has the best flavour and aroma. Micro-roasting coffee like this is an intricate skill that can take years to master (click here to read more about the coffee roasting process). Once roasted, our coffee is packaged in-house at Scanomat HQ before being shipped directly to our customers. By cutting out the middle-man and working directly with the coffee farms, we are putting money into the right pockets (our partner farms), and ensuring the coffee beans used by our customers are super fresh and of the best quality.

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