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johnson and johnson covid19 vaccine

Shine a light: Johnson & Johnson working on not-for-profit COVID-19 vaccine

We would like to shine a light on our client Johnson & Johnson who is working on a project to supply one billion vaccines for coronavirus (COVID-19).

As the world’s biggest pharmaceutical company, Johnson & Johnson are in a strong position to develop a vaccine for the COVID-19 outbreak which has swept across the world killing thousands of people.

As it stands, Johnson & Johnson has confirmed that it has a COVID-19 vaccine ready which it plans to start testing on humans as early as September, ready for release in 2021. Until further testing can begin, it is unknown at this stage whether the vaccine will provide full immunity or simply lessen the symptoms of the coronavirus.

Johnson & Johnson has said that the vaccine will be not-for-profit to move the project forward as quickly as possible. What would normally take two years to get to clinical trial stage will take Johnson & Johnson around six months with Government backing.

We will be continuing to #shinealight on some of our extraordinary customer’s who are doing amazing things and going the extra mile to support the COVID-19 response by providing donations, equipment and services. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for more amazing demonstrations of altruism from our incredible TopBrewer family.

Share your COVID-19 support stories with us! Use the hashtag #shinealight 

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