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Ford supports Ventilator Challenge UK - Covid19

Shine a light: Ford supports Ventilator Challenge UK

We would like to shine a light on our client, Ford who are supporting the Ventilator Challenge UK.

Ford are part of a group of British manufacturing businesses who have been called upon to help produce 30,000 ventilators to treat Coronavirus patients and support a surge in new cases.

The Ventilator Challenge UK consortium already has a confirmed order of 10,000 units.

To speed up efforts, the consortium will produce a new ventilator design which incorporates existing technologies. Production is due to commence as early as this week (30 March 2020).

Other firms in the consortium include BAE Systems, McLaren, Airbus, Rolls-Royce, GKN, Thales, Siemens, Meggitt, Renishaw and Ultra Electronics.

A big thank you to Ford and other organisations in the consortium for lending factory space, skilled engineers and know-who to this worthy cause to make a difference and save lives by supporting the NHS.

We will be continuing to #shinealight on some of our extraordinary customer’s who are doing amazing things and going the extra mile to support the Covid-19 response by providing donations, equipment and services. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for more amazing demonstrations of altruism from our incredible TopBrewer family.

Share your Covid-19 support stories with us! Use the hashtag #shinealight 

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