South Lodge Hotel

“From a technology perspective the TopBrewer is at the cutting-edge and we love that it is focussed on the guest experience.”  David Connell, General Manager, South Lodge

TopBrewer enhances new conference breakout facility at 5-Star South Lodge Hotel

Well-known for delivering cutting-edge guest experiences, South Lodge Hotel is one of four luxury 5 star hotels, two country house venues and one stunning golf club that make up the family-owned Exclusive Hotels & Venues group.

Boasting a selection of individually-styled luxury bedrooms and set in 93 acres of West Sussex downland, South Lodge has an abundance of facilities to help guests unwind, including a unique wine cellar and an innovative dining experience set in the heart of the kitchen.

Popular for weddings and corporate events, the hotel also offers a variety of flexible meeting space spread across three floors to suit different client needs.

In an effort to further enhance the corporate guest experience and improve operational efficiencies, South Lodge has recently created a new breakout area on the top floor of the conference space. The new purpose-built facility was designed by NH Interiors and allows guests to access a selection of premium hot drinks on demand.

Nicholas Hollinshead, Design Director, NH Interiors said: “South Lodge Hotel came to us as they wanted to convert a disused storage area into a bespoke breakout facility. The brief was to create a multifunctional space, reflecting similar customer-focussed facilities at other Exclusive Venues in the group.”

Two TopBrewer Professional Series were installed into the breakout space to accommodate the six meeting rooms on the top floor. The machines are self-service, controlled by iPads, and provide a selection of speciality coffees using 100% Arabica AmokkaCrema coffee beans. Each machine is also equipped to serve luxury hot chocolate and hot water for tea drinkers. Prior to the new breakout space, hotel staff would facilitate separate tea and coffee points for each client which was a time consuming and labour intensive exercise.

David Connell, General Manager at South Lodge was introduced to the TopBrewer concept by a colleague who visited the Hotelympia show.

David said: “I particularly liked that the mechanics of the TopBrewer are hidden out of view, making it a much more discreet solution compared to traditional counter-top coffee machines.” He continued, “From a technology perspective the TopBrewer is at the cutting-edge and we love that it is focussed on the guest experience.”

The clean lines and minimal design of the TopBrewer make it the ideal choice for conference breakout areas. From a speed and quality perspective, the TopBrewer can serve filter coffee in 15 seconds and espresso-based drinks in approximately 25 seconds, with the capacity to deliver up to 350 drinks per machine per day. Each drink is prepared from fresh using flash-heated filtered water, fresh milk and fresh coffee beans. From an operational point of view, TopBrewer is easy to clean and maintain, freeing up staff to concentrate on delivering exceptional customer service.

Nicholas added: “The TopBrewer is an excellent solution to our clients needs, cutting edge technology coupled with a wide selection of hot beverages that the guest can select and order from an iPad, and the drink is dispensed within seconds. Fitted into a chic bespoke unit, the whole operation is both stylish and extremely efficient. I would recommend it to any of my high end Hotel operators.”

“The feedback from corporate clients has been extremely positive,” added David. “The fact that the TopBrewer is controlled by an iPad is a real ‘wow’ factor in the space. A number of clients have commented that the coffee facilities are better than those in their own offices!”

Simon Bracken, Managing Director & Co-Founder at Scanomat UK commented:

“South Lodge Hotel is an exquisite venue and we are thrilled to have been involved in this project. It is an honour to work with such a forward-thinking hospitality business that are 100% invested in the guest experience and delivering high levels of customer service.”

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