Pennyhill Park Hotel

“The quality of the TopBrewer coffee is first-class and the reliability and consistency of the drinks means that it is one less thing for our hospitality staff to worry about,"  Julian Tomlin, General Manager, Pennyhill Park

TopBrewer delivers on innovation, coffee quality and reliability at 5* Pennyhill Park Hotel

Part of Exclusive Hotels & Venues, Pennyhill Park is renowned for delivering cutting-edge guest experiences and is well known as the ‘ultimate destination for all occasions’. Set within the idyllic Surrey countryside, just 45 minutes outside of London, Pennyhill Park offers award-winning fine dining, a luxury spa and world class conference facilities. In a recent project to innovate the conference refreshment facilities, TopBrewer coffee machines have been installed as the central focus of a new breakout area.

Hotel General Manager, Julian Tomlin explains:

“Following an in-depth process review of our coffee delivery, we found that a great deal of our staff’s time was being spent setting up and replenishing multiple coffee stations for our corporate clients. We wanted to put that resource back into delivering a first class customer experience so we were keen to find an alternative solution.

“After the successful introduction of two TopBrewer coffee machines in a similar project at our sister hotel South Lodge in 2016 we were eager to replicate the results. For us, the key factors were innovation, efficiency, speed of service, quality and reliability. The TopBrewer delivers in all of these areas, and I was particularly impressed with the innovative technology and premium coffee quality.”

Leading the way with TopBrewer

Following the internal review at Pennyhill Park, two TopBrewer Professional models have been installed into a new custom-built breakout area designed by hotel interior design specialists NH Interiors.

“Space is at a premium in the hotel and the area we had in mind for the new coffee station was dark and underwhelming, so lighting was extremely important to bring the area to life,” adds Julian.

The new breakout area facilitates two large meeting rooms and is located right next to the bakery where breads, pastries and cakes are cooked from fresh in front of the client’s eyes thanks to a Priva-lite glass screen with electronic controlled transparency.

“The combination of the TopBrewer coffee machines and live bakery provides real ‘theatre’, turning the traditional coffee break into a memorable experience. It is little touches like this that set us apart at Exclusive Hotels.” adds Julian.

Pennyhill Park Hotel TopBrewer

Bringing specialty coffee to the hotel sector

Julian was aware of a shift in consumer expectations towards premium specialty coffee in hotels:

“At Exclusive Hotels & Venues we like to lead the way and it is important to keep up with the latest coffee trends. Consumer expectations in terms of coffee quality have increased dramatically in recent years due to an improved coffee experience on the High Street and there is no reason why hotels shouldn’t be offering the same standards or above.”

The TopBrewer does not disappoint, providing a wide selection of specialty coffees using 100% Arabica AmokkaCrema coffee beans. Each machine is also equipped to serve luxury hot chocolate and hot water for tea drinkers.

“The quality of the TopBrewer coffee is first-class and the reliability and consistency of the drinks means that it is one less thing for our hospitality staff to worry about,” adds Julian.

From a speed and quality perspective, the TopBrewer can serve filter coffee in 15 seconds and espresso-based drinks in approximately 25 seconds. Each drink is prepared from fresh using flash-heated filtered water, fresh milk and fresh coffee beans. From an operational point of view, TopBrewer is easy to clean and maintain, freeing up staff to concentrate on delivering exceptional customer service.

“The coffee training from the Scanomat team has been really good,” adds Julian. “The TopBrewer baristas are regularly visiting the hotel to ensure a consistently high standard of coffee at all times. We really value the ongoing support and after care service that Scanomat provides.

“The introduction of the TopBrewer machines has delivered exactly what we set out to achieve, allowing us to focus our resources into customer service whilst improving the overall standard of our coffee offer and creating a lasting and memorable customer experience.”

Simon Bracken, Managing Director at Scanomat UK comments:

“We are very proud to support Exclusive Hotels & Venues in another exciting project to innovate their coffee experience. Consumer coffee expectations continue to grow and it is great to see the hotel sector responding to this trend and competing with the High Street.”

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