"The other machines in the industry had no chance, we fell for TopBrewer from day one." Vivian Heilmann, Manager, Nets

Technology firm, Nets installed eight TopBrewers as a ‘best in class’ self-service coffee solution for staff and clients

According to Manager, Vivian Heilmann, technology firm Nets like to be “best in class” in all areas of their business, so it was a necessity to be able to serve the best coffee for staff and clients.

They initially installed six TopBrewer’s but have since installed another two to cope with high demand. TopBrewer can deliver a freshly brewed coffee of the highest quality in just 25 seconds and was especially selected for its design and functionality as Vivian explains:

“The other machines in the industry had no chance; we fell for TopBrewer from day one. Nets delivers digital solutions, so it made sense to serve coffee that is brewed ‘digitally’. We have also installed a ‘TopWater’ cold water tap which ensures that we no longer need to supply bottles of Spring Water to employees and customers. This is very important to us as we have a strong focus on sustainability and would like to be ISO certified.”

Nets billede 2

TopBrewers were installed to serve freshly brewed coffee with fresh milk and to avoid using coffee pots at buffets. The TopBrewers were extremely popular from day one and after just three months, two of the TopBrewers had served over 29,500 cups of coffee.

The introduction of the TopBrewer & TopWater has reduced the amount of excess coffee being thrown away and has eradicated a large consumption of plastic bottles. But it does not stop here. Nets is committed to serving Organic and Fairtrade produce, and TopBrewer supply a Fairtrade Organic coffee which has been well received by customers and employees.

Vivian comments:

“The staff were so excited that they were queuing for the TopBrewer taps. Everyone thinks it is much more delicious coffee than we had before.”