Cornflake Smart App-artment

We love the machine!  It's simple to use and epitomises smart designer living" Robin Shephard, CEO of Cornflake 

The UK’s first TopBrewer Home is installed in Cornflake’s Smart App-artment in the heart of the West End of London

The Smart App-artment has made headlines across the world since it launched in mid-2013 and has been aptly nicknamed by tech experts as the ‘house of the future’; so it’s easy to see why Scanomat chose it as the launch venue for its much anticipated TopBrewer Home.

Dressed as a high-end residential apartment, Cornflake built the experiential showroom to realistically demonstrate how it feels to live in a completely connected home and to enable its elite clients and architects to road-test state-of-the-art equipment first hand. Within the apartment everything is seamlessly controlled from an iPad, including the kitchen appliances, AV equipment, the security system and even the fire. It’s possible to turn on the lights, open the blinds, crank up the AC, view a film in the Home Cinema and check-on your overseas property all via an app.

Cornflake Smart App-artment

Simon Bracken, Managing Director & Co-Founder of Scanomat UK, said;

“The Smart App-artment is an award-winning project and was the obvious choice when looking for a place to launch TopBrewer Home.” He added; “The Internet of Things is a hot topic and it feels as though we are reaching a crunch point where things are about to explode.  There are new IoT products coming onto the market all of the time, many of them very functional and designed to enhance domestic life.  The professional TopBrewer models have been available for some time, but there has always been a significant demand from the consumer market, so it is great we now have a product that fits both markets.  The Home Edition is already available in the US and being very well received there.  We are very excited to be able to offer TopBrewer Home to our UK residential customers.”

The unique space saving, under-counter, design of TopBrewer ensures only the sleek swan neck tap is seen, which is proving hugely appealing to design-conscious home owners and interior designers.  The machine delivers a full menu of gourmet drinks from freshly ground coffee beans to orange juice and hot chocolate.  It can also supply hot water for tea or for busy cooks boiling and blanching vegetables.

The TopBrewer Home is the perfect fit for Cornflake’s Smart App-artment as it is the world’s first smartphone/tablet controlled coffee machine, and feels right at home in the UK’s first iPad-controlled showroom.  Visitors can select and customise their drink via the free app, plus they can also set it as a favourite so it’s always available whenever they pop in.

Robin Shephard, CEO of Cornflake agrees:

“We love the machine!  It’s simple to use and epitomises smart designer living.  The TopBrewer Home provides barista-quality coffee and intuitively remembers the owner’s personal tastes and preferences.  What’s not to like?  Architects particularly seem to like the aesthetic of the single tap; making it perfect for rooms where you might like a drink but don’t necessarily want a bubbling messy coffee machine, such as in the wet bar in the spa area or in the home cinema, in the study or media room.  Client feedback has been really positive and we’re delighted to have been asked to showcase the new machine in our showroom.”

Kitchen designed by Intuo. Click here to find out more.

See TopBrewer in the Cornflake Smart App-artment video:

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