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“The TopBrewer ticked the boxes for us from a CSR perspective. We particularly liked the fact that the TopBrewer saves energy by not continuously heating water in a boiler, unlike other systems,” Linda Anderson, Facilities Manager for Beazley Group

TopBrewer ticks all the boxes for Beazley Group’s new Birmingham office

Specialist insurance and underwriting services group, Beazley has grown from strength to strength since the business was first established in 1986 and the recent amalgamation of three serviced offices into one Central Birmingham purpose-built support office will no doubt bolster future growth.

The Brief: Biophillic Design meets Activity Based Working

The new Beazley office is spread across the 8th and 9th floor of the newly launched Cornerblock building, located in the heart of the Colmore Business District. With a focus on Activity Based Working and room for growth, the new workspace has been designed with a variety of focussed areas to suit different work styles; including a library for silent working, collaboration zones and quiet meeting areas.

“Dividing the workspace into focussed areas has been really positive and we are finding that staff will plan their day around where they need to work based on their tasks,” explains Linda Anderson, Facilities Manager for Beazley Group and part of the ABW (Activity Based Working) team.

Beazley Group Birmingham Office

According to Linda, biophillia was also a big theme for the office design which includes plenty of trees and foliage to ‘bring the outside in’. Biophillic design has been linked to reducing stress in the workplace and is in line with scientific and psychological theories about humans’ intrinsic need for exposure to natural environments.  The upper level, known as ‘The Pavillion’, also boasts an impressive roof terrace with a mix of seating both indoors and out.

Roof Terrace at Beazley Group
Roof Terrace at Beazley Group

A Diverse Drinks Experience

The social factor was really important to Beazley when considering the design of the office. Two TopBrewer’s are installed in the main social hub and Beazley staff are encouraged to use this space to socialise and eat their lunch away from their desks to promote engagement and wellbeing.

Linda comments:

“We loved the sleek, space-saving design of the TopBrewer and it fits really well with the design of the kitchen area to bring people together.”

The machines serve a range of hot and cold beverages that can be personalised with the TopBrewer app and saved as a favourite. At Beazley’s request, Scanomat have set up one TopBrewer with semi-skimmed milk and the other with skimmed milk to suit different dietary requirements.

“We are also considering a third machine for The Pavillion with a dual-milk fridge so that we can offer a dairy-free alternative such as soya or cashew milk. Diversity inclusion is really important to us at Beazley, so it is great to be able to offer alternatives for different dietary needs,”

adds Linda.

Beazley Group Birmingham

An Environmentally-Friendly Coffee Machine

Beazley were looking for an environmentally-friendly coffee solution and the TopBrewer fitted the remit with a range of CSR features including an in-built flash heater which saves energy and guarantees drink freshness.

“The TopBrewer ticked the boxes for us from a CSR perspective. We particularly liked the fact that the TopBrewer saves energy by not continuously heating water in a boiler, unlike other systems,”

says Linda.

The TopBrewer also boasts a power-saving mode with schedule timer which can switch the machine to a very low 7-watt standby mode at down times.

Simon Bracken, Managing Director & Co-Founder at Scanomat UK & Ireland comments:

“Corporate Social Responsibility is becoming a really important consideration for our customers when designing a new workspace and we believe TopBrewer is well aligned to help our client’s meet their sustainability goals. For example, by adding a still and sparkling water module, the team at Beazley are also doing their bit to reduce plastic bottle waste.”

TopBrewer CSR


Remote Management with CoffeeCloud

As Linda is based in the London office she has found the CoffeeCloud management tool for TopBrewer a great resource to keep a close eye on the machine performance and cleaning schedule in realtime:

“CoffeeCloud is a really useful tool. We have used it to extract interesting insights for our staff welcome mailers, including statistics on how many drinks have been consumed, most popular drinks and when we reached certain milestones, for example 1,000 cups of coffee.”

In the first three months, Beazley employees consumed over 5,000 drinks. Latte was the most popular drink, followed by hot water and chilled water. Flat White was the second most popular coffee beverage accounting for 10% of all drinks served.

CoffeeCloud powered by TopBrewer
CoffeeCloud Dashboard

“One of the reasons we chose the TopBrewer is because it is really easy to clean with a quick 5-minute cleaning cycle.  By monitoring CoffeeCloud we are able to see exactly when the machines have been cleaned and follow up with the cleaning team if necessary. This is really important to us in ensuring that everything is running smoothly from an operations perspective with live accurate insights at our fingertips.”

Simon comments:

“It is great to see Beazley using CoffeeCloud pro-actively to manage their TopBrewers on a day-to-day basis and access useful insights on the dashboard. This is a great example of how IoT can enhance the workplace experience, particularly for remote teams.”

“From a service perspective, our technical and barista teams use CoffeeCloud to monitor machine performance and technical issues remotely and provide pro-active maintenance to our clients to reduce downtime and eliminate recurring errors.”

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