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Practical Tips & Advice for TopBrewer Customers: COVID-19

6 Things You Can Do…

Following these simple practical steps & tips can make a real difference to how we can support you and keep the TopBrewer coffee flowing!

How to access CoffeeCloud.

TopBrewer Coffeecloud

Email service@scanomat.co.uk and we will send you an invite. It’s free!

Find out more about CoffeeCloud


How to download TopBrewer App for personal phones.

Click here  to download the TopBrewer app for personal use by the users through their own Smartphone.


How to get phone fix support.

Log your issue by email at service@scanomat.co.uk and we will call you back straight away!


What are we doing to ensure you have the support you need?

  • Normal technical support and barista services are in place until such time the government mandates otherwise.
  • Whilst we are currently operating normal services we are trying to protect our staff & customers by reducing the number of unnecessary non-essential visits to client premises.
  • We are asking customers to make more use of our phone support for minor issues not affecting service and encouraging as many customers as possible to connect to CoffeeCloud (needs WiFi) so we have a greater chance of providing quick and easy remote support where that is possible.
  • There is a lot we can do remotely without the need to send in support staff and it gets your problem solved much quicker!
  • CoffeeCloud is available to all customers (with WiFi connection) free of charge. It provides real-time diagnostics, alerts and notifications.


Order Frequency & Closing your Site

We are not advising clients to order more than required. We do think it might be a helpful idea to consider reducing your order frequency to reduce the need for drivers to come to your premises. Instead maybe consider adjusting ordering to order a little bit more, less frequently.

We would be really grateful if you know your are closing and sending some or all staff home. We are maintaining service support levels as usual for now but we can redeploy staff to other projects if we know they are not needed.

If you are closing we can advise you what to do with your TopBrewer beforehand to ensure its in good shape when you come back!


Team TopBrewer – Business as Usual

Cleaning your coffee machine following our clean guides on a daily basis is a really practical step you can take to minimise the potential for downtime and disruption to service. Our Customer Experience Team are on hand to provide training and guidance for cleaning and all other daily operation queries & questions.

This is a free service and anyone needed refresher training can request it by emailing trainme@scanomat.co.uk

The TopBrewer App for smartphones (iOS & Android) is a great way for users to interact with the TopBrewer, customise their favourite drink and avoid touching the shared screen.


More about remote user access technology available with TopBrewer

CoffeeCloud, TopBrewer app

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