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Office café experience: Disrupting design with TopBrewer

How many times a week do your employees leave the office to grab a decent cup of coffee from a High Street coffee chain? According to recent data from Mintel, spending in UK coffee shops is predicted to hit £4 billion in 2020 as consumer’s continue to enjoy hot drinks out of home and away from the office.

For many, drinking coffee has become a lifestyle experience. But what if you could capture that ‘experience’ in the workplace by creating an inspiring, next-gen office café in-house? With coffee such a pain point for many workers, providing a premium coffee experience at work is vital to attract and retain top talent.

Coffee research specialists, Allegra say that the UK coffee scene is currently in its “fifth wave”, with the focus on coffee shops offering a more refined experience, as well as a selection of good quality food. But is it possible to create a premium coffee experience in the office to rival the High Street? We think so!


office cafe topbrewer

It’s all about the experience!

Creating memorable moments and coffee experiences at work can be done with the right environment and coffee equipment. When it comes to coffee machines, the revolutionary TopBrewer delivers ‘experience’ by the bucket load and always exceeds expectations on coffee quality. Our client’s say TopBrewer encourages employees to use the office facilities instead of heading out to grab a coffee in local coffee shops. The stylish and minimal aesthetics elevates the design of any office cafe area and brings a ‘wow factor’ experience to any space. The innovative TopBrewer app is really popular with employees and guests alike, as it allows individuals to personalise their own coffee, making the process of making coffee fun, playful and interactive.


office cafe coffee machine


But don’t just take our word for it… see what some of our client’s have to say about the TopBrewer coffee experience….



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