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New: Introducing three new and exciting, on-trend flavours for TopJuicer. Available now!

We’re excited to share 3 delicious new juice flavours for TopJuicer!

TopJuicer delivers fresh juice from a stylish swan neck tap at the touch of the TopBrewer app. The revolutionary TopJuicer is a completely new way to serve juice, and we’re thrilled to have three new flavours available for our clients, as well as our existing Orange, Apple and Cranberry juices.

The juice industry is increasing in popularity in the UK, with sales expected to reach over £85 million in 2018/19, and consumers are becoming more and more demanding in the flavours they want. Because of this, we have been working hard behind the scenes to create our three new flavours, and to ensure our TopJuicer customers are receiving on-trend, delicious beverages.

The three new additions, Apple & Elderflower, Cloudy Lemon and Strawberry & Kiwi, are available now for TopJuicer customers to purchase, as well as the three existing flavours, Orange, Apple and Cranberry.

TopJuicer consumers can choose from a range of juice flavours, with options for sparkling juices available with the addition of a C02 module. Customers can choose up to three juice flavours, and TopJuicer also offers fresh, filtered still and sparkling water on tap. The addition of a TopJuicer, as opposed to conventional bottled juice drinks, can help reduce reliance plastic waste (click here to learn more about what you can do to reduce reliance on single-use plastics), as well as being a great way to promote wellbeing in the workplace.

The TopJuicer’s minimal footprint and stylish design makes it perfect for hotels, workplaces, universities and retail spaces, providing a healthy beverage alternative that complements the TopBrewer’s premium coffee menu.

Click here to find out more about TopJuicer, or contact us now.

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