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NEW and improved hot chocolate for TopBrewer – Available Now!

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new and improved hot chocolate recipe for TopBrewer. Read on to find out what’s changed.

What’s new?

The new hot chocolate contains Belgian chocolate and real cocoa for a delicious flavour and premium quality. It is also HVO free and has had a complete packaging overhaul to bring it in line with our premium TopBrewer product range.

The new hot chocolate comes in a bag-in-box format and is mixed ‘on demand’ with hot, steamy milk and freshly filtered water to create a luxurious, creamy hot chocolate within seconds.

Why HVO Free?

HVO’s (Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils) are unnatural fats that are included in many of today’s food products from biscuits to ready meals. This artificial fat is often used to give food structure, improve taste and increase shelf-life, without having an oily taste or texture. The added hydrogen in the vegetable oil makes the fat harder for the body to digest, increasing the risk of strokes and heart attack. As responsible manufacturer’s we have developed a HVO free hot chocolate so that our customers can make a healthier and more informed choice.

Advice for customers

If you are an existing TopBrewer customer with a hot chocolate module you do not need to do anything. The new hot chocolate replaces the old hot chocolate and fits into the TopBrewer hot chocolate module in the same way. The product code and pricing have not changed and you will start to receive the new hot chocolate when you next order (if you haven’t already).

Not yet a customer?

If you are interested in the TopBrewer for your business please contact us for more information and pricing.

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