Hybrid working

Hybrid Working

More so than ever, the future of the workplace ‘destination’ is going to be about people and experiences.

Face-to-face interaction remains the best way to build trust and confidence amongst teams, but with less frequent in-person interaction, we will need to ensure that each interaction is meaningful and has a positive impact. With this in mind, the workspace will need to adapt to have a strong focus on engagement, collaboration and innovation in order to thrive.

Workplace evolution

Reconnect and Revive: Get set for Hybrid Working

Productivity is linked to human connection and collaboration. Whilst there is a strong desire to get back to the office, many of us still want to retain some freedom and flexibility to enable us to work remotely depending on our tasks. To be successful, businesses need to enable a positive balance of office and remote working going forward: HYBRID WORKING.

As much as times have been challenging, this is a great opportunity and an exciting time ahead for office design evolution.  The speed at which businesses have adopted agile workplace strategies over the last few months has been encouraging and a step in the right direction.  Businesses must be adaptable in order to thrive in the post-Covid world and technology is fundamental to this transformation to a hybrid working model, as well as contributing to a safe environment. Employees in a hybrid model are more likely to have the best workplace experience, as well as having better job satisfaction and wellbeing.

Hybrid working

Let’s meet for coffee…

To enable hybrid working, workplaces will need to be designed to optimise the experiences and tasks of their employees when they are in the office. Collaborative hubs will thrive as a space to bring people together and inspire creativity, innovation and a sense of belonging.

Meeting co-workers for a coffee in the office has always been a great way of building relationships and socialising – something we all missed during lockdown.  The opportunity to enjoy coffee breaks with peers again will help to reconnect and revive those relationships between colleagues and spark creativity – after all, we all know that the best ideas are generated over coffee.

office coffee machine

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