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Fresh clean cafe space design

Scanomat launches disruptive coffee concepts to boost retail and hospitality

Innovative coffee solutions provider, Scanomat has launched a range of flexible retail and hospitality formats, built around its iconic TopBrewer coffee solution, designed to help businesses capitalise on growing demand for fast, barista quality coffee.

Scanomat’s four innovative concepts offer an alternative to the rigid structure of traditional branded franchise models which often provide a “one size fits all’ approach. Instead, Scanomat’s formats are designed to fit around your business’ space and brand and can be fully customised to your own identity, providing a bespoke concept that has been tailored to your unique business and specific customer demographic. 

Simon Bracken, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Scanomat UK Limited said:

“With fast, barista quality coffee expected to become one of the quickest growing segments in food and retail, it is the perfect time for retail and hospitality operators to level up their coffee business. 

Goodbye clutter, hello customer!

Scanomat’s formats are centred around its sleek and sustainable TopBrewer coffee machine with smart integrated technology, alongside its premium coffee brand, Amokka, which has recently been rebranded in a nod to its Nordic heritage. 

The four concepts vary in size depending on space availability and customer demographic, but each features the innovative TopBrewer coffee machine with touchless control.

“Today’s millennials & Gen Z are more than used to easy, fast, hyper-personalised products and services available direct from their mobiles. 


The most compact of the four concepts, EXPRESS provides the ideal flexible solution for your business if space is limited and can help to alleviate pressure at busy times.

Amokka CAFE

A new generation of fresh, clean café designs with spacious, flexible layouts to interact, up-sell and inform your customers.


LOUNGE is all about connecting your clients with your business and reinforcing the quality perception of your brand by giving your clients an amazing experience that they can relate your business with.

Amokka BAR

Ideal for food court service stations where food is purchased together with a drink at the till point, self-serve has never been so satisfying.

‘There is a real gap in the market for consistent, barista quality coffee on the go, with reduced queueing and total customer control over your beverage. Our show-stopping concepts offer a fantastic memorable and personalised customer experience focused on style, convenience and taste.”

About TopBrewer

Choice, control and flexibility for all 

With remote app-control, contactless payment and cloud management services, you are in complete control of your coffee experience. With the free TopBrewer app, consumers can ‘be the barista’ and customise their coffee exactly how they like it. 

With remote smartphone use, the TopBrewer app creates a safe, contactless experience. With the recently launched Apple app clips you can even connect to the TopBrewer from your Apple device without having to install the app. Scanomat has taken its touchless coffee experience to a whole new level with the launch of TopBrewerVoice – a Siri enabled shortcut that allows users to seamlessly order their favourite premium coffee using just their voice.

Amokka cafe coffee branded cup and takeaway bag

About Amokka Coffee

Consistency of drink quality is key to ensure customers return and have full confidence that they will always get an exceptional drink every time. Roasted by Denmark’s champion coffee roaster, Amokka coffee is the result of close collaboration between coffee producers, master roasters, baristas and technicians. With a range of premium coffees available to suit different tastes, and all fully customisable with the TopBrewer app, you are sure to please the most discerning of customers. 

Want to grow your coffee business and cause a stir? Let’s talk! 

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