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Creating the Perfect Cup of Coffee

We’ve said it before, and we’ll undoubtedly say it again, but here at Scanomat we are obsessed with coffee. 
Ever since Scanomat was founded more than 50 years ago, we have been constantly striving to create the perfect coffee experience for our clients, but a lot more goes into that perfect cup than you’d think.

Our team of highly skilled engineers have thought long and hard about how they can manufacture our machines to deliver the best cup of coffee every time. In this blog you’ll read about certain features the TopBrewer has that ensures it consistently creates your perfect cup.
The water used in coffee making is often overlooked or forgotten about. Many people use water straight from the tap, which is fine for some, but in places with hard water (particularly London and the South East of the UK), this can lead to limescale build up. This will not only affect the taste of your coffee, but can also damage your machine. 
Similarly, coffee machines with water boilers can result in a ruined cup of coffee. Water that is left boiling for hours/days(/or in some cases, weeks) loses vital minerals and the end result can be bitter and acidic
By using Brita Filters and flash-heating our water for each cup, with the TopBrewer we bypass these issues, and the resulting cup of coffee is delicious! Find out more about the importance of water in a great cup of coffee.
Fresh Ingredients
Sub-par ingredients will result in a sub-par cup of coffee. With the TopBrewer, we don’t use powdered or freeze-dried ingredients. We use fresh milk, fresh-beans, and filtered water to make the best cup of coffee, every time.
Of course, you can’t make a great cup of coffee if the beans you start with are poor. All of our Amokka coffees come from specialty grade Arabica coffee beans, which we buy directly from our partner farms across the world (keep an eye on the blog for our Coffee Series later in the year to learn more about this).
Once we have the green beans, they are micro-roasted at Scanomat HQ in Denmark by our Master Roaster. By micro-roasting, we can turn roasting into a precise and scientific process that brings out the best characteristics of each type of bean. The freshly-roasted beans are then shipped directly to our clients all over the world. 
Whether your machine is making coffee for one at home, or for hundreds in an office, a properly cleaned and maintained coffee machine is the final piece in the puzzle for creating that perfect cup.
Lucky for our clients, the TopBrewer cleaning cycle is super simple and quick. It takes a few minutes, once a day. 
Part of the TopBrewer experience is a regular visit by one of our Baristas, who will ensure the drinks are as perfect after 2 years as they are on the first day.
So there you have it, a foolproof way to create the perfect cup of coffee!
Click here to find out more about the TopBrewer.

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