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CBRE secures space and parking for NHS workers

Shine a light: CBRE appeal secures 145,000 beds for NHS workers isolating from families

We would like to shine a light on our client CBRE who have been co-ordinating efforts with clients and contacts from the real estate sector to provide vacant premises and parking facilities near NHS and Private hospitals that can be utilised by NHS staff during the COVID-19 crisis.

So far, the campaign has secured 145,000 beds for hospital workers, 195,000 parking spaces and 14.25sqm of storage space within a 15 minute walk of NHS hospitals.

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Mercedes support Ventilator Challenge UK

Shine a light: Mercedes develops COVID-19 breathing aid & joins ventilator efforts

We would like to shine a light on our client Mercedes who has helped to develop a breathing aid designed to keep COVID-19 patients out of intensive care.

The breathing aid, called Continuous Airway Pressure device (CPAP), has already been used in China and Italy to support patients with serious lung infections, such as pneumonia.

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Shine a light: LogMeIn offers free ‘Emergency Remote Work Kits’ to critical COVID-19 workers

We would like to shine a light on our client LogMeIn who has committed to providing ‘Emergency Remote Work Kits’ for healthcare providers, educational institutions and not-for-profit charities on the frontline during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

The spread of COVID-19 has forced many organisations and critical workers to embrace remote work at pace, often without the tools and resources to facilitate productivity and collaboration.

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Shine a light: Adobe enables virtual distance learning during COVID-19 crisis

We would like to shine a light on our client Adobe which has committed to making its Creative Cloud apps available for ‘home use’ in order to continually facilitate Higher Education learning during the COVID-19 crisis.

Adobe has announced that the Creative Cloud apps for desktop will be available at home for all students who would normally log on through on-campus labs. The distance learning resources will be available at no extra cost to students and educators until 31 May with an aim to support course work and team work in a virtual environment.

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QBE covid19 response

Shine a light: QBE provides free insurance for innovative car share scheme

We would like to shine a light on our client QBE Insurance who are providing free car insurance services to support a community car share scheme in Bristol. The scheme aims to provide free transport for critical workers and services during the Covid-19 response.

QBE have partnered with Car & Away to launch the innovative ‘Karshare’ scheme which will see local residents in Bristol being asked to donate their cars to establish a fleet of 500 vehicles. The vehicles will then be cleaned and inspected before being made available for critical workers, volunteers and food banks to use free of charge.

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Shine a light: XTX Markets donates £10 million to NHS Charities Together

We would like to shine a light on our client XTX Markets who have donated a staggering £10 million to NHS Charities Together to support hospital staff and volunteers at the frontline of the Covid-19 crisis.

NHS Charities Together launched the Covid-19 Urgent Appeal last week (26 March 2020) with a target of £100 million to help support the health and wellbeing of NHS workers and volunteers during the Covid-19 pandemic. Donations will provide items such as wellbeing packs (e.g. food, refreshments, overnight kits) and help cover expenses such as travel, parking and accommodation.

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Office café experience: Disrupting design with TopBrewer

How many times a week do your employees leave the office to grab a decent cup of coffee from a High Street coffee chain? According to recent data from Mintel, spending in UK coffee shops is predicted to hit £4 billion in 2020 as consumer’s continue to enjoy hot drinks out of home and away from the office.

For many, drinking coffee has become a lifestyle experience. But what if you could capture that ‘experience’ in the workplace by creating an inspiring, next-gen office café in-house? With coffee such a pain point for many workers, providing a premium coffee experience at work is vital to attract and retain top talent.

Coffee research specialists, Allegra say that the UK coffee scene is currently in its “fifth wave”, with the focus on coffee shops offering a more refined experience, as well as a selection of good quality food. But is it possible to create a premium coffee experience in the office to rival the High Street? We think so!

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