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Spotlight On: Amokka Coffee

Amokka Coffee has been part of the Scanomat Family for over 10 years, but has been around for much longer. Read on to find out more about Amokka Coffee’s journey from a small start-up founded in the late 90s, to an integral part of a global business 20 years later.

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Why is employee wellbeing so important?

Wellbeing is a buzzword you’ve probably been hearing a lot of recently. There is a growing awareness both in the UK and worldwide of the impact that wellbeing can have on an employee and a business.

But is spending on wellbeing a worthy investment? Why should you invest in your employees’ wellbeing?

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Spotlight On: Coffee Roasting Process

Roasting coffee is an amazing process and the art of the roaster is to find the perfect balance of roasting to bring out the bean’s best aroma and flavour.
Roasting is a very unique skill that can take years to master. It is not as simple as heating up some beans and hoping for the best, there is a lot of skill and precision behind it. The end result can be affected by lots of things, so it is important that the Roaster has a strong foundation of knowledge to ensure the best coffee is produced. Even the weather conditions at the Roastery can affect the end result. The difference between a perfect roast and a ruined batch of coffee can be a matter of seconds!

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Spotlight On: Direct Trade

Direct Trade is a phrase commonly used in the coffee world, but what does it really mean? Does a term so commonly used actually mean anything or have any real value?

This week in our Spotlight On blog series, we’ll be exploring Direct Trade: what it means, how it differs to other types of trade, and what it means for the coffee farms, coffee roasters, and end consumers.

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Spotlight On: The Importance of Water

Welcome to the first instalment of our “Spotlight On:” Blog Series. In this blog series, we will be delving deeper into certain topics relating to the whole coffee-making process (from picking the beans, to pouring the perfect cup), providing you with easy-to-understand information that isn’t filled with complicated, technical language.

In last week’s blog (read it here), we briefly mentioned the importance of using top quality water when making coffee, and we will be going into more detail about the importance of water in this blog.

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Creating the Perfect Cup of Coffee

We’ve said it before, and we’ll undoubtedly say it again, but here at Scanomat we are obsessed with coffee. 
Ever since Scanomat was founded more than 50 years ago, we have been constantly striving to create the perfect coffee experience for our clients, but a lot more goes into that perfect cup than you’d think.

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The History of Coffee

Here at Scanomat, it’s no secret that we are passionate about coffee. We live, breathe and think it. But the way the coffee we know and love is consumed has changed since the first coffee beans were discovered roughly 1000 years ago. Our ancestors certainly didn’t start their days with a cup of Cold Brew or a macchiato.

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The Benefits of Co-Working Spaces

A co-working space refers to a shared office space. Often used by freelancers, start ups and small companies, they can be a great alternative to a conventional office. According to, the number of members of an average co-working space has increased by around 30% in the last couple of years, as well as the number of co-working spaces doubling. Between 2014 and 2015, there was a global increase of over 200,000 members of co-working spaces. It is thought that this trend is connected to the growing number of freelance workers, as well as people working remotely.

Other than the increase in freelance and flexible workers, what are some other reasons that co-working has become so popular? Why choose a co-working space, as opposed to a “normal” office?

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The Rise of the “Coffice”

With many coffee shops and cafes now providing free wifi as standard we have seen a rise in individuals working from coffee shops, so much so that a new term has been coined to describe the use of coffee shops as offices. The “Coffice” is defined in the urban dictionary as “A coffee shop one makes into an office where non-coffee shop work is performed.” The ‘home from home’ environment, social aspect and good quality coffee makes the “coffice” a very appealing workplace for many and in this blog we explore why.

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