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TopBrewer For All Areas

When we designed the revolutionary TopBrewer, we turned coffee machine design on its head to focus on the customer experience and the beautiful aesthetics of specialty coffee brewing. The minimal footprint, and unique under-counter brew unit mechanics, integrate seamlessly into any environment to deliver a full range of specialty drinks, with an incredible taste and quality, at the touch of the TopBrewer app.

The unique TopBrewer design, and high-quality, professional brew unit mechanics mean that TopBrewer is perfectly suited to any environment, be that a high-end client lounge, or super busy breakout area. Read on to view our infographic and find out more about the next-generation connected coffee experience for all areas…

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TopBarista Diary

It’s been a few months since we last checked in with our fantastic TopBarista team (click here to read more about what our TopBaristas get up to in a day), and since then our team has changed slightly!

We welcomed a new team member (welcome to the TopBrewer family, Meile), celebrated promotions (congratulations to Abbi and Natasha) and one of our longest-serving baristas, Vladimir, completed his training and is now part of TeamTech!

Amongst all of these changes, the team have had a busy few months! Read on to find out what they got up to…

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Why should you invest in a high quality in-house coffee experience at work?

An important part of the office space is undoubtedly the coffee machine, according to the 2017 Leesman Index, 82% of respondents said that tea, coffee and refreshment facilities were a highly important factor in their physical environment. On top of this, today’s consumer is developing a deeper understanding of, and interest in, coffee. This increased awareness has led to the expectation of the average consumer growing significantly, forcing all involved in the coffee sector to up their game. Premium coffee is not concentrated in coffee shops any longer, consumers expect a barista-quality beverage wherever they go, including the office. A top-quality machine can seem like a big investment on face value but here are six reasons why it is vital to get the office coffee experience right.

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New: Introducing three new and exciting, on-trend flavours for TopJuicer. Available now!

We’re excited to share 3 delicious new juice flavours for TopJuicer!

TopJuicer delivers fresh juice from a stylish swan neck tap at the touch of the TopBrewer app. The revolutionary TopJuicer is a completely new way to serve juice, and we’re thrilled to have three new flavours available for our clients, as well as our existing Orange, Apple and Cranberry juices.

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Mix Design Collective hits Manchester & TopBrewer clients scoop Mixology Awards

Last week saw Mix Week descend on Manchester, including the inaugural Mix Design Collective event and the highly regarded Mixology North awards. Mix Week is always a hotly anticipated event, but with the addition of the new Mix Design Collective, the A&D community came out in their droves to discover what was hot and innovative in the world of workplace design, employee experience and technology.

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What will the office of the future look like?

As more research is undertaken into the future of the workplace, what we consider to be innovative office design will continue to change. 30 years ago, open-plan office spaces with breakout zones and games rooms were practically unheard of, nowadays they’re becoming the norm. As the younger generations join the workforce, companies are changing the way they design the office space (click here to find out how to engineer your workplace for next-gen employees), and the amenities they offer as standard. But what will the workplace look like in 10, 20 or 50 years?

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Best CoWorking Spaces in the Northern Powerhouse

Co-working spaces, sometimes known as shared offices or flexible workspaces, aren’t a new trend, but have increased dramatically in popularity in recent years. A couple of months ago we attended the GCUC (Global Co-Working Unconference Conference) and they estimated that between 2017 and 2022 there’ll be an increase of 15,000 spaces and over 3 million members. We’ve already shared the best co-working spaces in both London and Dublin, but with co-working growing outside of the capital cities we thought it was about time we shared our list of the best spaces across the North of the UK, including Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool and Glasgow.

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The Rise of Biophilic Design in the Workplace

As more companies  become aware of the fact that a well-designed workspace can have a positive impact on the employees working in it, they are devoting more time and money to designing the space that works for them. Whilst certain workplace features will be specific to each company, one growing trend is suitable for each and every firm, no matter the size, location or budget: Biophilic Design.

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Is your coffee offer meeting consumer expectations?

It’s a really exciting time for the coffee industry right now. Consumers are developing a deeper understanding and interest in coffee, including the processes and science behind their beverage. Because of this increased interest, the expectation of the average consumer has grown significantly, forcing all involved in the coffee sector, including non-specialist operators, to up their game. Premium coffee is not concentrated in coffee shops any longer, consumers expect a barista-quality beverage wherever they go – from the office tea point, to the supermarket, to the hotel lobby. In this blog, we explore the biggest opportunities and challenges facing the coffee industry right now and identify simple changes to help operators meet and exceed consumer expectations.

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