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Why your office coffee machine needs to be smart

Smart and connected technologies can have an array of benefits, both operationally throughout a business and at an individual level. Some of the most valuable benefits are avoiding the use of guesswork, improving efficiencies and saving energy. IoT drives smart systems and your office coffee machines should be no different. But not all coffee machines are created equal, and as we become increasingly reliant on technology, we explore why it’s vital that your office coffee machine is smart and connected…

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Let’s meet for coffee – Fuelling collaboration with office coffee culture

In simple terms, workplace collaboration is when two or more people (or groups) work together to accomplish a common goal, and in the workplace environment, promoting an office coffee culture can be conducive to encouraging a more collaborative atmosphere. The digital revolution and ever-changing world of office design has led to a massive shift in the ways we work, but collaboration is as important as ever. In this blog we explore how creating an office coffee culture can boost productivity and collaboration. Read on to find out how your office coffee machine can enhance the workplace experience…

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Is the kitchen at the heart of your workplace?

The kitchen is undoubtedly the heart of the home, but can the same be said for the workplace? With the rise of cafe and coffee culture in the workplace, we think so. The office kitchen has evolved in recent years, changing from a purely functional environment with space for eating, and a fridge, kettle and microwave, to a hub for collaboration and engagement, where employees can meet and chat as they grab a coffee or eat their lunch.

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3 top tips for delivering a great office coffee experience

Office coffee can be a mine field, and getting it right isn’t always easy, but a great coffee experience is vital for any business in order to attract and retain talent, as well as impress guests.

Since 2008, daily coffee consumption has soared from 70 million to 95 million cups per day and office coffee consumption in Europe is estimated to be worth around £2BN. Driven by this growing demand, offering a high-quality in-house coffee experience to employees and guests is becoming a top priority as businesses seek to create positive workplace environments and keep staff on site. Here are 3 top tips to get the most out of your office coffee experience.

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Using office design to attract and retain the best talent

In today’s world, where the job market is candidate-driven, businesses are looking for the best ways to attract, and more importantly retain, the best talent. Good salaries are no longer the main draw for modern workers, they also expect flexibility, development opportunities and, perhaps most importantly, the right workplace environment. Read on to find out how to design your office to attract and retain the best talent…

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TopBarista Diary

As always, it’s been a busy month for Team TopBrewer! Team Tech were working incredibly hard to install TopBrewers all over the UK and Ireland, and our TopBaristas have been travelling across the country to complete training sessions, provide assistance at client Go Lives and ensure our clients are all receiving a first-class TopBrewer Experience. On top of this, we even managed to squeeze in a Scanomat team meeting!

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