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Coffee & Coworking: Fuelling the next-gen workspace

For many firms, co-working is the perfect solution for a workforce increasingly focussed on wellbeing and flexibility. As more millennials enter the workforce, the modern workplace and the ways in which we work are changing. The increased focus on wellbeing, agile working and technology have drastically altered how and where we work, and the youngest generation has different expectations of work, and the workplace, compared to their predecessors. The technological revolution means we can work from anywhere we want, at any time we want, and this is impacting the modern office. In fact, the modern office often isn’t an office at all…

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How hospitality design cues are enhancing the workplace experience

Taking inspiration from hospitality design could be a great way of improving your space. Not only can it lead to a streamlined, flexible, and modern environment, it can also be used strategically as a tool to improve employee collaboration, increase employee retention and show your team you understand what they actually want from an office. Whether you have a full office fit-out planned, or simply want to introduce a couple of elements of hospitality design into your space, we’ve outlined 7 common design trends to help incorporate hospitality design in your space.

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Why your office coffee machine needs to be smart

Smart and connected technologies can have an array of benefits, both operationally throughout a business and at an individual level. Some of the most valuable benefits are avoiding the use of guesswork, improving efficiencies and saving energy. IoT drives smart systems and your office coffee machines should be no different. But not all coffee machines are created equal, and as we become increasingly reliant on technology, we explore why it’s vital that your office coffee machine is smart and connected…

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Let’s meet for coffee – Fuelling collaboration with office coffee culture

In simple terms, workplace collaboration is when two or more people (or groups) work together to accomplish a common goal, and in the workplace environment, promoting an office coffee culture can be conducive to encouraging a more collaborative atmosphere. The digital revolution and ever-changing world of office design has led to a massive shift in the ways we work, but collaboration is as important as ever. In this blog we explore how creating an office coffee culture can boost productivity and collaboration. Read on to find out how your office coffee machine can enhance the workplace experience…

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