Artisan Heritage

At Amokka Roasters we love coffee and passionately seek out nothing but the best coffee beans from around the world. We pride ourselves in trading our coffee directly with farmers, investing in a sustainable future and giving us greater transparency about where our coffee comes from and how it is grown.
Our master roaster carefully roasts every batch finding the exact sweet spot where it has the best flavour and aroma. With passion and innovation, we make each bag of coffee with the best recipe and approach.

Fun facts for coffee lovers

FACT 1: Go crazy for our coffee! The name AMOKKA originates from the words AMOK (to go crazy) and Mocha (coffee drink).

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FACT 2: 90% of our total coffee sales is traded directly with coffee farmers and we are working hard to increase this further.

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FACT 3: For the last 150 years, Brazil has held the top spot and is by far the worlds largest coffee producer.

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FACT 4: We use solely beans that are among the top 1% of the speciality coffee being produced. This coffee segment represents approx 37% of the worlds total production.

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Working with coffee farmers

We are extremely proud that 90% of our coffee is sourced from farms where we have a direct and transparent trading relationship, and where we are collaborating with the coffee growers to help them to set and achieve their sustainability goals for the future. Wherever possible we work with coffee farmers directly and pay them a premium that contributes towards securing working conditions, improving sustainable processes and protecting the environment. We strongly believe that by working with the same plantations, year after year, we can ensure consistent high quality coffee, and also provide the farmers with the stable financial support needed to improve their cultivation methods and working conditions for years to come.

A premium coffee experience

The Cophea Arabica species represents 70% of global coffee production. 37% of this is considered ‘speciality’ coffee and the top 1% of this coffee is what we source and roast. We are proud that all of our coffee is graded at 84 or above on the SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe) scale which defines coffee quality.

In fact, coffee quality is at the heart of everything we do here at Scanomat, and AMOKKA Coffee Roasters is core to this ethos. Our premium AMOKKA and TopBrewer coffees are uniquely tailored to suit our flagship machine, TopBrewer, but are also suited to many other coffee machines and brewing methods. 

Roasted and cared for by experts

Our green beans are shipped direct to AMOKKA Coffee Roasters where our coffee experts care for the coffee and roast it to perfection in our micro-roastery. Micro-roasting allows us to be intimately involved at every stage of the process and that is why we love to roast this way. Our master roaster oversees the roasting process to ensure the highest quality at every stage, carefully monitoring our Probat roaster to make sure that everything is set up perfectly by hand.

Fresh is best

As part of AMOKKA’s heritage, we only ever roast small batches of coffee at a time to maintain optimum freshness for our customers.  We pack the coffee in-house too and ship it direct to our customers for next-day delivery all over the world. We believe fresh is best and have regular cupping sessions to monitor the freshness of every batch to make sure our coffees are tasting as great as they did when they first arrived at AMOKKA Coffee Roasters.